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That is the best way to describe my job. I experience it, I capture it and I freeze moments of joy for my couples to remember forever….and ever. I’ll be the first to admit that I hardly remember any of my little moments of Joy from my wedding day. It was the most amazing day but it was a blur. So much excitement and so much going on…. it’s hard to remember what it felt like to experience those little joyous moments. However, I when I see images from my first dance with Michael…and pictures of his expression when I was coming down the aisle….I remember it all. Pictures have such power and their ability to evoke emotional is unexplainable!

I have the honor of capturing these joyous moments and though at times it can be overwhelming, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my job.  2010 has been such a busy year… I shot 23 weddings, planned my own AND graduated from college. I can’t believe I survived! Looking forward, it seems like this year should be easier….fingers crossed:).  I love my new life. I love being married and I absolutely LOVE being done with SCHOOL! I have so much to be thankful for and so much joy in my life right now. So as I thought about how to recap the 2010 weddings, I thought about JOY. These images from my 2010 weddings may not be the clearest, the most colorful or have the best composition… but when I look at them, I remember the JOY that was in that moment and it makes me smile. (Cheesy, I know). I adore my couples from 2010 and I can not thank them enough for believing in me and trusting me to capture the joy of their wedding day. The 2011 lineup is looking pretty amazing! So get excited!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Start writing down those goals!!!


So these weddings are not ALL in order but feel free to CLICK EACH IMAGE to view each couple’s full blog post!

Adam + Ruth

Seth + Emily

Robbie + Jess

Chris + Shyla

Adam + Kelley

Brian + Cathy

Erik + Holly

Nathan + Connie

Jason + Jennifer

Matt + Laurie

Haymes + Becca

Josh + Karynne

Chris + Katie

Mike + Amanda

Ryan + Rachel

TJ + Steph

Daniel + Saralynn

Justin + Anna

Ben + Mary

David + Rochelle

Paul + Cindy

Sean + Melissa

Isaac + Kristin

UMM… this is definitely *edited to add*…. how could I forget these two?! (my desktop is a WRECK!!…I need a good spring cleaning on my comp!) So make that 25 weddings this year!

Whit + Sydni

Eddie + Lilian

Happy new year! Bring it on 2011!:)

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