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My creative journey started with a bunch of paint and big ideas on the floor of my childhood bedroom. I ruined my momma and daddy's carpet, but the time that I spent exploring every creative outlet I could think of eventually pointed me to my dream job. I learned about being true to myself as an artist. I learned how to run a business on a small scale and learned that I loved using my natural gifts to bring joy and beautiful things into other’s lives.

Now, as a wedding photographer, I get to do that same thing but instead of painting dishes and scrapbooking, I’m capturing and saving the memories of one of the most wonderful days of my clients' lives!! It’s a life-giving job that I’m so incredibly thankful for! And if my job wasn’t awesome enough, I get to do this full time with my husband!!! So much of our story has led us to where we are today and I hope that as you scroll down you’ll enjoy getting to know who we are beyond just the pretty pictures! Also, I think a big “Thank You” is in order for Momma and Daddy James for sacrificing their carpet in order to help their daughter follow her dreams!!!


Arrow KJ

A lot of “About Me’s” pages share how they wanted to be a _________ since they were young. That’s not my story. I had no idea that I wanted to be a photographer until I became one. I didn’t dream of this career my entire life or write it in my elementary “career journal."


Our Story


My Family


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Our Purpose


How we met, fell in love, and our life together since then...

Arrow KJ

Both the human and furry variety, and a little about each one.

Arrow KJ

J.Crew necklaces, fancy candles  and other things that bring me joy! 

Arrow KJ

Our life is about much more than taking pretty photos...

One of the secrets to running a business that is personally fulfilling and life-giving is to be personally connected to your clients! However, in order to do this well, we realize that we need to be the first to let our couples into our life if we ever want the privilege of being a part of theirs! Allowing our couples to get to know us beyond the camera is one of our favorite aspects of our business!! You can begin to get to know us and our story here! We’re going to take you all the way back to the high school years where our story began!



get to know us

Michael and I started dating when we were 15 and 17! We're high school sweethearts! He asked me out one night after choir practice at church. He dropped me off at my house and then told me to get online. Yep. 8 years of dating started through an AIM chat!! I STILL give him a hard time about that. I'm happy to say that his anniversaries have only gotten better with time!

just babies!

we were

chapter one

Not only are Michael and I high school sweethearts, we've also known each other for our WHOLE lives! We met when we were toddlers and our families have been great friends for over two decades. We honestly don't know what life is like without one another. After dating for 8 years, we were married on 10-10-10 at our home church in Sparta, Virginia. We celebrated and danced the night away with family and friends under a tent in my family's backyard! Best. Day. Ever.


we got

chapter two

In 2012 we decided that it was time to grow our little family... so naturally, we got a puppy! Bokeh boy entered our world and life would never be the same! This apricot colored Bichpoo brings SUCH joy to our life and he'll always be our first baby!

we got

chapter three

bokeh boy

I started this business in 2008 when I was a Junior in college. I always loved graphic design and after an internship, I realized that I wanted to work for myself and Katelyn James Photography was born! I worked on the business full time and went to school full time until I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Communications! When I graduated, the business was so well-established that I didn't send out any resumes! I continued growing KJP instead


how this

the prequel

Michael and I photograph anywhere from 25-35 weddings annually but that's not our only role in the industry. We absolutely LOVE equipping and educating other photographers through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, speaking engagements and in-home workshops! The amount of friends we have made through teaching is just incredible and I'm so thankful for this part of our business! 


we love

chapter four

Right after we were married, Michael took a job as a high school youth pastor in Richmond, Virginia. We moved to "Short Pump" and fell in love with the area, the people and our new church family. After two years of attempting to coordinate two completely opposite schedules and trying to manage a business that was exploding on my own, we decided to start praying about whether or not God wanted us to become a husband/wife team. It was such a hard decision, but we knew this was our next step. Michael joined KJP officially at the beginning of 2013 and we have LOVED this season of life as business partners!

joins KJP


chapter five

As we’ve continued to grow the educational side of our business online, we have realized that truly nothing can replace the joy that we experience when we open our home to photographers and teach in-person workshops!! In December of 2014, we found land that we knew was our dream lot! After a lot of hurdles to jump over, we purchased that land in August of 2015 and In the Spring of 2016, we broke ground on our forever home out in the country! We custom designed this house to be a home that was made for hosting! We specifically designed the kitchen and living spaces with photography workshops in mind! Building a house makes for an exciting year...

a house

we built

chapter six

.... but we quickly found our that our 2016 was just getting started! In the early summer of 2016, we found out that we were PREGNANT with a baby girl! Everly James Alsop was born in February of 2017 and our lives changed forever! Michael can’t help but tear up at every daddy/daughter dance and I can’t help but think about how I would want Evy’s wedding day captured while I’m photographing for our KJ Couples. Having a baby changes every aspect of your life but what I didn’t expect is for it to change our business for the better! Evy has given such a beautiful new perspective on life and we are so in love with her!

 had a baby!

and we

chapter seven


Our Story

Arrow KJ
Arrow KJ


meet our little


Our travel agent, manager of all things business, Second shooter, Apple guru


The dreamer, teacher, lead photographer, content creator, and lover of all things teal


The chubby-cheeked 2 year old who loves to sing, perform and be a slightly bossy second momma to her baby brother 


The newest addition to our family, he loves bath time, smiling, and spitting up! He's our rainbow baby and littlest miracle


Our head-tilting Bichpoo who has an intense obsession with tennis balls & walks down the driveway!

In order to truly know our family, there is a member of the family not pictured above but is very much a part of our life and our story. When Evy was 8 months old, we were surprised to find out that I was pregnant. At 20 weeks pregnant, we found out that our sweet baby boy had severe complications from Down Syndrome and would likely not survive. We said hello and goodbye to our little boy at 31 weeks, May 1st 2018. Caring a baby with a fatal diagnosis changed our lives. To learn more about our journey and to get to know our baby in heaven, you can read more here



The story of our

get the details




Arrow KJ

take a look

These are a few of my favorite things! (Don't judge me for the Diet Coke... I'll quit someday!)



Arrow KJ

Frames are my weakness. If I pass some frames on sale at Target or Homegoods, I'm sunk. I love them! I also love anything that's TEAL! If it's TEAL, I'm a fan! That is totally MY color! 




Arrow KJ

This is the one thing that Michael will ALWAYS let me buy for the house, without question! We both LOVE us some candles! Anthropologie's candles are hands down our all-time favorite


spare time

Though there are times when it seems like photography is all I do, I'm really much more than just a photographer. If I could do anything in my spare time, it's always decorating!! Michael and I are passionate about hosting, and it's important to us that our home is always open to friends and family. For me, decorating is little part of that.

 I'm obsessed with all of those HGTV shows - mainly "Fixer Upper"! (BIG FAN of JoJo and Chip! If you haven't seen it, that's now on your to-do list for the week!) In fact, I love decorating so much that we have an instagram hashtag, #kjdecorating, and a whole series dedicated to it on the blog! 

in my


Our Home

Arrow KJ

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Arrow KJ


the states,
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New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina 
West Virginia

the states,
part two

Lake Como, Italy 
St. Cybard, France 
Provence, France 
Dominican Republic
Virgin Islands

The countries

and hopefully very soon...

New Zealand
Historic Savannah

The dream locations




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our wedding

Evy's birth story

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Have a little time to settle in and read?  Start with a few of our top personal blog posts of all time!

what we're all about

our purpose

Michael and I love capturing beautiful images, but we know that pictures aren't our true purpose in life. People over pictures... always! 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of our job. We have emails and edits and blog posts and albums and shoots to keep up with on a daily basis, but we know that those things are just tasks that need to be done and they aren’t the heartbeat of our business. We truly believe that our interactions and experiences that we give our couples are a special opportunity! God has blessed us with the ability to not only do what we love as our career, but He also brings AMAZING people into our life in the process. We believe that we have been given this business and our gifts for the purpose of serving others and bringing joy into our couples' lives! There is no greater feeling than seeing our work bring our couples and their families to tears! We leave wedding days with big hugs, kisses on the cheeks, and full hearts knowing that we forever impacted two families!

OUR MISSION in our business is to glorify God with how we serve our clients, how we love each other, and use our gifts to create a joyful experience for our clients!

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