• A Harsh Light First Look

Have you ever had a client make a photo request that makes you uneasy??? Here’s an example..…. What do you do when a bride asks you to shoot her FIRST LOOK in HARSH LIGHT! She wanted to have her venue in the background of all of her first look images and I mean, I understand why she wanted this. Her venue was epic! The problem was that in order to make her request happen, we had to photograph one of the most important and emotional parts of the day in bright, harsh, mid-day light!

I knew when she made this request that I could potentially make her dreams come true but it would be HARD! If my client requests something that isn’t at all possible or would definitely result in a negative outcome, I will educate them on why we need to take a different approach.

However, in this situation, I knew it could be done…. I was just nervous about it!

I’m letting you in on a little BTS of Christian and Amanda’s wedding day!! We filmed this entire day and are allowing thousands of photographers to learn from our footage! You get to learn from a little snippet today for free!! Here’s a free 14 video sneak peek into what it’s like to work with us and how we handle a wedding day request that would make any natural light photographer a little uneasy!


If you would love to see the ENTIRE wedding day and learn from being our VIRTUAL THIRD SHOOTER, we would LOVE to have you join thousands of other photographers and become a KJ ALL ACCESS member!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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    It’s so original, it seems this was missing many interesting projects in photography.

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