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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony


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this is going to be SUCH a tease!! I can’t share the FULL styled shoot because it’s being submitted and we’re crossing our little fingers for a feature so that everyone’s hard work can be shown off to the world! :) I seriously can’t thank Amanda from Anthomanic and all of the fabulous vendors for making the shoot happen! That girl just continuously blows me away with her talent! I can’t wait to share the shoot!! I will be sharing the September workshop shoot soon and it was just beyond lovely so get excited!!

So two weeks ago we had our 2nd ever Workshop Experience in our home here in Richmond, VA. We built this house with the vision of hosting workshops and being able to have space to serve people well and create an awesome experience. We had big visions of what this would look like but I have to admit that during the building process, I had doubts. I thought to myself “What if this doesn’t work?! What if workshops are better at plantations and museums?! What if attendees think it’s strange that there is a puppy constantly trying to sit in their laps?? What if this idea is one big failure? ….. Well, if it had failed, it definitely would have been devastating. We would have this wide open floor plan with no one to share it with!! Luckily, it didn’t flop, it was an amazing decision!! Hosting workshops out of our home is one of the GREATEST decisions we’ve made in the last 6 years of our business.  I realize opening up your personal space to 12 people for two 9am-9pm days isn’t for everyone but it’s totally up our alley!! WE LOVE IT.

As day two began, one attendee stopped me in the foyer and explained that this was the first workshop where she has felt comfortable enough to actually ask questions and engage with other people. I totally know where she’s coming from because I’ve been to conferences and workshops where it’s hard to feel safe and comfortable enough to ask my personal questions. I’m SO thankful that our living room isn’t intimidating!!! :) Having these ladies fill our house with laughter and questions was one of the highlights of our fall! They all have so much amazing potential and I can’t wait to see all that they accomplish in their businesses!!!

Now there comes the part where I thank that bazillion people that make workshops run smoothly and effectively!!:

Michael: He makes this event happen and is in charge of everything except for the teaching content and the styled shoot. Food, travel info, bookings, FAQ’s, Facebook group management, house prep, sponsor communication, etc etc. He does it all and it’s amazing that I’m not doing this on my own!!!! So thankful for him!!

Bobbi: My sweet mother in law has been to the last 4-5 workshops and we couldn’t do it without her! She helps Michael with meals and helps set up and tear down the shoot. I’m sure she could quote my presentation because she’s heard me talk about this stuff for 3+ years! haha 

Amanda: Amanda from Anthomanic makes the shoot HAPPEN and she’s incredible at it!! I seriously couldn’t do this without her and let me tell you… when I originally asked her to help out, I wasn’t dreaming very big because I had SO much on my mind to make this thing happen. She took my little ideas and turned them into a beautiful masterpiece in front of our garage!! She’s simply amazing and I’m so thankful for her willingness to help out!! 

Paisely and Jade: These ladies have some BEAUTIFUL pieces! So thankful for the gorgeous furniture they provide for the shoot!! Look them up photogs!! 

Chyrie: My sweet friend Chyrie stopped by to help out this time and I just loved that she was able to see all of the craziness! She runs Twiddle and Tweet on Etsy and she’s uber talented! :) 

Emily Hudspeth: This girl is continually making our models look incredible!! So thankful for her willingness to be a part of so many workshops!

The Weekend Type: Thank you Korie for your fabulous calligraphy!!!

Tiffany’s Bridal : These sweet ladies let us use the most amazing gown!!!

Caleb and Mary Beth Foust:  Our sweet friends volunteered to model and they were beyond perfect for this shoot! I’m not sure if Caleb knew what MB had signed him up for but they seriously killed it! I can’t wait to share their beautiful faces!!! Thank you guys so so much!!! 

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and read about why we love all of our sponsors!! :


Lunch on the deck!
Dinner time! I promise we don’t JUST eat!! :) Headshot time! Bokeh always makes it into a few of these:) And some beautiful sneak peeks!!!
And here’s a little shot from Jess Cochran! Thanks girl!


PASS & SHOWIT! : We honestly couldn’t run our business without these two companies! I love showing off all that we do with PASS to workshop attendees!!!

LEATHER CRAFTSMEN : These guys have been building us awesome, hand crafted albums for 5+ years!!

KELLY MOORE: I’ve been through more Kelly Moore bags than I care to admit. Mainly because they keep coming out with new styles and cute colors!!! So thankful that they are a part of The Workshop Experience!!

THE ORGANIC BLOOM: LOVE this company! Anyone looking for adorable frames? Here’s your answer!!! I just love their products and I have several teal frames floating around my own house from them!! :) 

ALIGN:  Melissa Jill and her team of designers literally rocked my world this year!! I was so excited for my attendees to have a chance to try Align Album Design out for themselves! #lifechanging :)

ALBUMEXPOSURE: You can’t have a seamless album workflow without this program!!! Love using AE!

TEMPLATES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Thanks Megan Garrison for gifting some Templates to our attendees!!!


Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

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