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Every bride has things that she cares about. I cared a lot about having a bazillion lanterns at our reception tent because I wanted it to “glow”! Some brides spend big bucks on the dress! Others spend a ton on stationary. I LOVE photographing beautiful invitations on wedding days! However, if you’re a bride who didn’t splurge on your invitation, I STILL want to photograph it and here’s why!

You may not be in love with your invitation but I really need it on your wedding day. If I’m not you’re wedding photographer, then I’ll speak for your photographer and say that they should need your invitation too!! The invitation usually plays a big role in the bridal detail shots… especially if the invites are neutral in color and have beautiful script or serif fonts! Some brides have said “Oh I forgot the invitation but that’s ok, I don’t need a picture of it!” and that’s why I’m writing this post!

I don’t need the invitation just because I want to document what it looked like, I need the invitations to use them as a “Connection Element” throughout the other detail shots! I teach about connection elements in our SHOOTING DETAILS MINI-GUIDE but the basic idea is that if you use a similar element in your detail shots somehow, they will pair together so much easier on the blog and in your album! I usually use my bride’s invitations for the large suite shot, earrings, and multiple ring shots!!! So if you are a photographer and you have problems with brides not bringing their invitations for you to use, make sure you explain that there is more too it than they think!!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday Friends!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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