• A Tulsa, Oklahoma Destination Engagement Shoot

This shoot. Where do I start? How about the VERY beginning! We had just landed and were in our rental car when I noticed that it was only 2:30pm and it seemed DARK to me. The clouds were heavy and the rain was coming. I knew about the rain but the dark clouds and dreary skies had me worried about LIGHT. If we started at 5:30…. two hours before sunset, by the time 6:30 rolled around, I would be struggling to keep this couple under cover and also exposing properly without a flash.

So, like any worried, natural light photographer, I texted Melanie and asked if there was ANY way that they could move the shoot up to 4:30!  She agreed that it would be a good call and immediately checked to see if Jonathan could meet us early! He was able to leave work in a hurry and we met up in a quaint little park just outside of the city where a photographer friend of Melanie’s had told her about a blooming tree that we should check out! It was MAGICAL!!!! Just amazing!!!!!

You all know that I love blooms… but this tree just took it to a whole new level! The blooms on the ground made for a bright, light pink glow all over and I was in a photographer’s heaven!!! Not only were there blooms on the ground but there were also blooms on low-lying branches to shoot through!!!! What a DREAM!!! I’m so excited to share these images with you!

Jonathan and Melanie met this past fall and they just KNEW they were meant to spend the rest of their life together. Coming from someone who dated their high school sweetheart for 8 years, this is incredible to me! What an awesome story they will have to share for the rest of their lives! We loved getting to know Jonathan but we already knew how much we adored Melanie because she is a past KJ Workshop Attendee!!! It’s such an honor to be invited back into Melanie’s life for this sweet season. Her sweet spirit and calm demeanor makes her so easy to love. I can’t wait to see her as a bride and capture their gorgeous Texan wedding!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sara Wilson reply

    That tree…their outfits and gorgeous eyes…just stunning! One of your most beautiful photo shoots ever! I can’t wait to see them as a bride and groom!

  2. Stacey Salerno reply

    Beautiful photos! Their children will have beautiful eyes! <3

  3. Amy reply

    Oh my goodness!! Beautiful!! What lens did you use?!

  4. Jill reply

    Well all of these are just GORGEOUS- they are so adorable together, love all their laughter! So beautiful!

  5. Sharon reply

    Oh Gosh, I hope this session will be featured on KJ All Access!!!
    So beautiful ❤️

  6. Michelle Peterson reply

    These are UNREAL!!!! I loved these soo much.

  7. Meredith reply

    I AM FREAKING OUT! This is my new favorite shoot of yours!!! Sam and I didn’t do an engagement shoot but HOLY MOLY if I could just photoshop myself into these photos I would! They’re inSANE!

  8. Felisha reply

    These are absolutely stunning!

  9. Mariel Ossowski reply

    KJ this is genius work! Never would guess the weather was dark or gloomy. Great job! Can’t wait to see this on AA

  10. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Ahhh, these are so beautiful! What an adorable couple!!! Love all of these!!!

  11. Brit reply

    I’m going to dream about those blooms! Oh my word!

  12. Jennifer Nolan reply

    What a gorgeous couple!

  13. Karen Bonar reply

    THAT DRESS!!!! <3

  14. K. Lenox Photography reply

    Oh those pretty pink Blossoms!!!!! Gorgeous work as usual!!!

  15. Sanjay Mishra reply

    Such an amazing place for engagement..

  16. S Mishra reply

    Such an amazing wedding captures….

  17. Smishhra reply

    Really brilliant and fantastic wedding pictures..Thanks for sharing.

  18. Cwangee Cwangee reply

    Wow!! Really beautiful pictures..nice couple..

  19. Pradyut Dutta reply

    Wow!! Absolutely Gorgeous work as usual!!!

  20. Ruby reply

    As always, your work is just so gorgeous and inspiring. I hope to be at your level one day.

  21. Tommy reply

    Love the photos at the tree, amazing!

  22. Marc BB reply

    What wonderful engagement images. So light and airy. Really inspirational. Keep up the good work Katelyn!

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