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I remember being so worried that when I had kids and didn’t shoot 30+ weddings a year that I would lose my touch as a photographer and I would never create work that I was really proud of! It’s an interesting experience to have done a craft for over 10 years and to have the skills to capture what I hope to capture…. and yet force myself to think beyond what I know works and be creative!

Well, the good news is, every year I fear I’ll lose my touch and every year I realize that it didn’t happen! I always have a collection of images that are my favorites from every wedding season and I’m so grateful for that!

This year of KJP Weddings had an intense season but then it leveled out. We had our son, Graham on April 23rd and then I started my wedding season on May 18th. I know, it wasn’t ideal…. but we were just so thankful for our healthy rainbow baby that we didn’t care about the crazy timeline. We knew we would just have to make it work…. and we did! I actually photographed some of my BEST work of the entire year just 3 weeks after giving  birth! I’m so thankful!

Overall, I feel so proud of this year and the work we created and I’m excited to share some of my TOP favorite images with you from both engagement sessions and weddings!!! Enjoy!

This destination engagement portrait session in the Scottish Highlands was a highlight for sure!

The most classic shot of downtown Richmond!

This southern Georgia wedding stole our hearts!  

Oh Dover Hall…. what a dream!

Pippin Hill in the summertime is gorgeous!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Wedding Photographer Belfast reply

    Wow what an incredible year you have had, best wishes for 2020.

  2. K. Lenox Photography reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Personally I think all of your photos are the most amazing!

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