What I Would Tell the Old Me

  • The Rising Tide Society Startup Series

I remember starting my business in college and feeling like I could do anything. I thought I had time for everything! There was one weekend where I literally drove 2 hours to a retreat on Friday night and then left and drove 4 hours to shoot a wedding and then drove 4 hours back to the retreat only to be there for the send-off service Sunday morning and then we headed 2 hours back to campus. What. was. I. thinking?!!!!

I was thinking that I could DO IT ALL! I overcommitted and I didn’t realize it until that season of my life was over. I recently shared this with our KJ consistency course students because we can’t afford to be naive about our lack of time. I was so naive to the fact that my business stole some of my college experience away from me and now looking back, I wish things were different. In this Rising Tide Society video from their Startup Series, I’m sharing just a little bit of my heart about this! Enjoy!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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