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skips a beat when I see my work somewhere else besides my own blog.  I think it’s safe to safe that it skipped a few when I saw Ali and Manny’s big day featured on Southern Weddings Blog! Part 1 and Part 2 look amazing on there and I hope some southern brides can find some amazing inspiration from this fabulous country wedding. I absolutely LOVED shooting this wedding and I’m so honored that it has now been shared with even more viewers!!! What a great way to end a long week at WPPI. I’m tired, I have loads upon loads of laundry to do and I have a to do list the size of Canada (Canada? I have no idea why I picked Canada

for that exaggerated statement).  I will be catching up on emails, slowly making sure the house doesn’t stay looking like a bomb went off in it and then I’ll end the day with a fun e-session!… like REALLY fun!  Be sure to visit Southern Weddings and comment on Ali and Manny’s feature so they know that we loved it! Happy FRIDAY!!

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