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A few years back I was asked to do one-on-one mentoring by a few people. Only a few other photographers offered mentoring session (like 3 different photographers… crazy, I know). Oh how times have changed. There are hundreds of photographers offering mentoring and coaching these days. It’s not a bad thing. I’m so thankful that the photography industry has embraced the whole “lets love each other” thing so well. Some people worry about photographers offering mentoring too soon while they’re still newbies themselves and my thought is this… GREAT coaches will continue to offer GREAT coaching sessions.

Photographers that jump into education prematurely and don’t have any original content to share will not get raving reviews and they will have to be patient if they want to grow a successful coaching program within their business. However, I firmly believe that EVERYONE has something to offer to others… even if it’s just encouragement and support. The question is, should they charge for it?…. And that will be answered by the demand of their sessions. This issue takes care of itself. :) AND I also think that the photographers that DWELL on how horrible it is that newbies are teaching should use their time to do something more productive. :)

Now on to more exciting things!! Michael and I are SO EXCITED to be offering SUMMER 2015 COACHING DATES! Coaching is a part of my business that brings so much joy into our lives. Why? Because we get to see REAL CHANGE happen right in front of us. Workshops are amazing and I hope we get to offer them for years and years to come… but there is just something so special about Coaching. Coaching is one-on-one and it’s during these sessions that I get to ask hard questions, write down exciting figures and goals and encourage small business owners to make their dream HAPPEN!!! We have done small business coaching for photographers, florists, planners and videographers! We have seen the impact of our one-on-one coaching over the last several years and we’ve decided that WE need one-on-one coaching ourselves. Michael and I are excited to practice what we preach this year and have a business coach speak into our lives in 2015!!

There is something so empowering about having someone walk with you through the hard stuff, encourage you in your victories and help you plan out the future!!! We wish that we could offer dozens of coaching sessions a month but our time is so very limited in this season of life and so we can only offer 4 sessions monthly. Signups are LIVE today!!!


Enjoy reading through reviews from some of our sweet coaching friends below!!

“In a nutshell, coaching with Katelyn James saved my business, changed my outlook on the industry, and was the necessary catalyst to light the fire in me to passionately pursue my dream.” Nikki Santerre Photography

“Katelyn cares about YOU and your business and wants to see you succeed. It’s kind of amazing and why it makes me so happy to be part of this industry, having the pleasure of working with people like her!” Alicia Lacey Wedding & Portrait Photography

“I won’t give away all of Katelyn’s secrets but if anyone is waffling about whether or not to make this kind of investment… it was well worth it!! Everyone knows, I LOVE A GOOD WORKSHOP, but a one-on-one setting is a unique opportunity to ask specific questions, get individual critique, and to figure out those nagging things that you might be too embarrassed to ask anywhere else… and to get it from someone who is rocking out her business and shooting 30+ weddings per year while speaking, educating and elevating everyone else around her. Priceless!” Jessica Haley Photography

“After an hour of lunch & chatting, I couldn’t believe I had the rest of the afternoon left! I felt so full of knowledge (and lasagna haha) that I could have driven home right then! I am STILL processing the valuable information she shared with me about photography and small businesses! Marketing, editing tips, branding, pricing, workflow… nothing was off limits. Katelyn was prepared to talk about my business specifically. She had looked through my website, portfolio, pricing and Facebook page. One thing I’ll always hold in my heart is that Katelyn said my work was beautiful and consistent. What a compliment!”  McPherson Photography 

“So when it comes to business, we absolutely have to invest to keep moving forward. This year it was a no brainer to invest in coaching with Katelyn James! Not only is she a fantastic photographer, but she’s an incredibly smart business woman.” Fowler Studios Cimema + Photo

“There were so many doors that I thought were shutting and that there wasn’t a light at the end for me….but then she changed all of that. She wasn’t mean or direct about it, she was so kind and suggestive that it just all made perfect sense. I look back on that day and think..WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER??!” Sarah Houston Photography

“This was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and for my business. If you’re a photographer I encourage you to consider a coaching session for yourself.” Casey Hollins Photography

“I think it’s worth remembering, no matter what you do, invest in being the best you can at whatever it is!” Katie Nesbitt Photography

“Katelyn has devoted so much of her business & energy to teaching other photographers and building up the photography community. It was so helpful for me to be able to sit down one-on-one with one of the industry’s best to get her feedback & advice on how I can grow my business & serve my clients in the best way possible. I left with a plan and can’t wait to see how these new changes help KDP grow!” Kelsey Dewitt Photography

“Katelyn is a marketing genius. I have a list of so many ideas to enact upon and I’m so excited for them to come to life!” “I’ll be forever grateful to Katelyn for helping guide me. Thank you, is simply not even close to express the amount of depth for my gratitude.” Danielle Blocker Photography

“Words cannot even begin to explain what an amazing experience we had during our coaching session with Katelyn James. In a few short hours with Katelyn, we have learned more than hours of research online. With the tips and advise we received from Katelyn, we know that we can move forward!” Kristy & Vic

“She’s not only a great teacher but a beautiful person inside and out. Her drive, spirit, and love for this industry inspires me. She wants to not only love on her clients and give them the best experience possible, but she does the same with the people she mentors.” Nicki Metcalf

“Her years of hard work and experience in the photography industry have put her in a position to teach others – and she’s so good at it! This was my first big investment in pursuing professional photography, and I fully believe it was the best decision I’ve made for my business thus far. She helped me set short and long term goals, gave me lots of great resources, gave me outlets to connect with other photographers, and more ideas to build my new business. But Katelyn is a not only a great photographer and source of information, she’s a joy to be around. She listened to my fears and concerns, built me up with encouraging words, and assured me that I CAN do this! ” Jessica Cochran Photography

“Katelyn cares about your business and did her time researching your work and your brand/website/blog and she really paid attention and genuinely answered my questions, even the silly “duh” ones I had! She listened to all of my concerns and complaints I had, my worries and my stresses, and offered real advice and told me stories from her business that even made me feel a little better, and normal!! ” Samantha Martin Photographer

“This girl is so modest and will never admit it but she’s a marketing, photography and business genius and I’m SO LUCKY to call her a mentor and friend…I know I have the best mentor around I could ever ask for!?” Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

“If you’re contemplating doing a coaching session with katelyn, stop! just take the leap and do it! She is amazing and will help you help your business! it’s a win in my book! :)” V.A. Photography

“It didn’t matter that she was a wedding photographer and I was a birth photographer. Her knowledge of running a small business and serving others well while doing it was so vast that it was clear to even my husband in our three minute car ride to our wedding reception that this was going to be worth it. Coaching with Katelyn was the turning point for me. Our time together gave me the assurance to go home and look through the plans I have for my business and my clients. She accomplished this not by telling me what to do, but inspiring my own confidence and creativity during that session that I could take back with me.” Emily Gerald Photography

“I am so grateful for Katelyn’s excitement, sound advice, and encouragement. She’s got such a great thing going in her own business, and I am SO glad she has chosen to invest in helping grow other photographers.” Kelly Dean Photography

“I laid it all out in the table, where I am and where I want to go in my business. Katelyn walked me through some of these areas and inspired me to go for it! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have someone in your corner rooting you on! If you’re considering a Coaching Session with Katelyn, just do it. It will revolutionize your business and give you the boost you so desperately need. Every session will look a little different, as each person has their own sets of goals and dreams, but for a general “what to expect”: know that you’ll be well taken care of, welcomed and celebrated. You’ll most likely get to meet Bokeh (their adorable dog) and spend several hours being poured into. As a business owner, we don’t get many opportunities like this and it’s one you’re going to want to grab a hold of!” Deborah Zoe Wedding Photographer

“I think when you’re just starting out as a business owner it’s hard to know what to invest in and when. A huge part of me just wants to spend money on lenses and other equipment, but deep down I know that’s not where my money would be best put to use right now. Investing in education, networking and business strategy is way more important. And with Katelyn’s coaching session, I got all that rolled into one.” Caroline Winn Photography

“This mentor session was more than just taking home a bunch of info for my business to succeed. It gave me hope in one of the hardest moments in my life when the weight of my business success was weighing on my shoulders. Her support, openness, and non-judgment of my hot-messedness (yep, a word) was just what I needed on that hot summer day almost a year ago. Things that Katelyn helped with! : Consistent workflow for each client, Organized workflow for better quality of life with my family, Quick editing tips, Online Presence: The importance of getting Steve more involved in the business and making him more part on social media, SHOOT-Q, Blogging tips on how to blog in advance to have more consistency. I am still about 75% with this, but I am way better than the year before. Also, I am able to blog most, if not all wedding and family sessions now, Pricing and Pricing Guide Layout inspiration, She was the inspiration behind Walking on Wednesday become a series about our spiritual walk and our walk in our own marriage journey, Organizing my email, Giving Steve a better job description, Improved editing workflow so I can return images faster for Clients and get albums ordered faster, Tips on posing in the lighting conditions and tips on posing couples.” – Stacy Hart 

I wish I could post ALL of my FAVORITE headshots from coaching sessions the last two years but this post is already HUGE!! Here are just a few of my favorites! I LOVE this part of the day!! Interesting in grabbing one of the remaining dates?! SIGNUP HERE!  

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Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

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"Recently signed up for KJ All Access and it's EVERYTHING!”

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"Recently signed up for KJ All Access and it's EVERYTHING!”

- Kassidy Mowery, ALL-ACCESS MEMBER

"SO worth it! It's amazing the amount of knowledge you get out of them!”

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