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  • RV Vaca 2013

our whole trip, we tried to find a good balance between a “Planned/Carefree” mindset. We knew our timeframe for each stop and we also knew the BIG stuff we wanted to see, but we showed up to different locations without a set PLAN as to what we would be doing. For example, as we approached the city of San Francisco, Michael was driving and I heard them mention that they wanted to rent scooters for the next day to tour the city. Jill immediately got on her phone and looked up reviews for San Fran scooter rentals…. we quickly dismissed that idea.

ALL of the scooter reviews for this city read something like this “This is a horrible idea, you will get hurt, don’t do this”.  So we scratched that. THEN we realized that we HAD to rent something because driving the RV around the CURVIEST road in the country wasn’t going to work.  We located the directions to the car rentals at the San Fran airport and we headed that way.  Little did we know that our “directions” were just going to take us to the departure drop-off area at the the airport. We looped around the whole airport trying to find the car rental station and still had NO luck. As we frantically tried to figure this out, Michael made the observation that the sun was setting AND the RV was almost out of GAS!!!! So it was crunch time. The boys decided to drop Jill and myself off at the airport so that we could follow signs to the car rental and they were going to go park the motorhome at our campsite 20 minutes outside of the city.  The reason we were crunched for time was because the sun was setting and we knew our campsite was RIGHT on the coast… so of course we wanted to get there before the sunset!

So Jill and I casually walked through baggage claim and them boarded the tram that took us to the car rental location. It was really quite hilarious because this whole “Rental Car” idea was decided in about .5 minutes and then the next thing we knew, we were walking through an international airport!!! See what I mean? We didn’t really PLAN in advance… but it all worked out! Michael knew how to get us from point A to point B and that’s all that mattered!

We spent the next day exploring San Francisco and then we packed up our site and headed to the hills!! That will be our final RV Vaca Post… video included! I’m excited to share!!! Enjoy this day in San Francisco!!!

The view from our campsite! No big deal.

The transportation team for the next day! If we were going to rent a car, we had to rent a fun one!!

That night we visited the bridge at midnight!

Beginning our San Fran adventure on the steepest streets I’ve ever driven down!

Curviest road in the country! 

Not sure what Michael is doing… but he’s probably regretting it now that this made the blog:)

Lunch stop!

Seeing a city from the car can only be done well in a convertible!! We’re so glad we invested in that!

Alcatraz in the distance!

The bridge in the daylight!

So beautiful!!

Wall worthy:)

and last but CERTAINLY not least….. here’s our FABULOUS video that Jilly made in record time! She’s so good!!! I love all of her “Home Vimeos” but this one is by FAR my favorite!!! It’s such a gift to have our whole trip documented in this way!!! Thank you JILL!!!


RV Vaca 2013 from Jill Powers on Vimeo.

Here’s a little glimpse at our California adventure. We spent 5 days exploring the California coast and making tons of memories along the way!

“Flowers in your Hair” by The Lumineers
“Good Light” by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors

xoxo, Katelyn
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