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like the way Young House Love blogs about their home projects! They don’t just share a 100% completed room all at once, they show the progress! Well that’s the approach we’re taking with our new house! It’s not done but it’s definitely getting closer and closer each month! This past month, I worked on my office a little bit. Several weeks ago I asked all of your blog readers to give your opinion about which image I should blow up for my office wall and the response was GREAT!! I loved hearing everyone’s opinion! Well, I’m excited to show you which one I picked!!

I’m also excited to finally have some curtains in the office! Curtains CHANGE EVERYTHING! They really do! Want to transform a room? Paint it and buy some curtains that are the appropriate length for your ceiling height. Curtains “soften” a room instantly!!! I’m sad that we’re almost done with curtains in our house because I love them so much!! Anyway, here are some before and afters to show the progress of my office space!

Paint | Sherwin Williams, “Waterscape”, Curtains | Z-Gallerie, Desk | Pottery Barn, Chairs, Table & Lamps | Homegoods

So this is before we moved in! 

Progress! See, paint changes EVERYTHING! Our friend Wendy encouraged us to paint the ceiling and I can’t imagine NOT painting it now!

More progress….

Ta-da!!!! I picked the shot from Brian and Kristen’s Californian wedding! The colors of the hills tie into the room so well and the car “pops” off the wall! I love it!  And the curtains make it seem cozy!!

I also added two little canvases above and below Lauryn and Jared’s portrait! Candle from Anthropology.

YAY!!! Check out all of our other “home” posts HERE! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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