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isn’t a “Finished” post by any means… it’s a “work in process” post! :) I’m just really excited about it! We inherited a mattress from Michael’s mom when we first moved into the house and it was wonderful because we had two usable guest rooms!! However, we knew that eventually we wanted to get some bedroom furniture and have some fun with this room… and when I say “we”…. I mean ME. Michael is so good to me. He lets me have fun and when you see what I put in this room, you’ll know that he had no say in the decor…. it’s super feminine…. and light and airy… and I love it!! :)

We are passing along our old furniture to the almost “newlyweds” in our family and we purchased two twin beds from Pottery Barn Teen. Michael’s aunt had an adorable twin bed set in her old house and I always LOVED it! So now we have twin beds in one of our guest bedrooms and in the future, we can add “trundles” so that this room can sleep 4! We try to think ahead when we’re making big purchases like this. The idea for this room is that one day our kids would share this space.  Right now we just have a cute extra bedroom for when we have multiple guests.

Now when I say this isn’t finished… I have big ideas for this room! Wall ideas…. cute accent pillows coming soon… etc. etc. But I wanted to share this because 1. I’m excited about it and 2. If I wait for every room to be 100% perfect and complete before I share it, I would never share anything. Decorating a home is a process!! So this is a part of my process!! ALSO, I’m hosting my first ever Design-a-wall GIVEAWAY!!!

What is a DESIGN-A-WALL giveaway you ask?? Well, whoever is selected will be able to take a picture of one wall in their home that is in desperate need of decorating, email it to me and I’ll photoshop a wall design and include sources so that he/she can make that design come to life!! Fun right?!! But before you enter to win, here are some shout-outs and sources from this room so far!! :

– Ruffled Bedspread : Urban Outfitters

– Ornate Pillow Shams : Urban Outfitters

– Twin Beds : Pottery Barn Teen 

– Tables, Basket, Vases, blanket : Target

– Frame: World Market

– LOVE our monogram!! It was a gift from the sweet Sarah Goodwin!!!

Azure Table Lamp : Kenroy Home (Be sure to check out Kenroy Home’s FB Page!)

Enter to win our first “Decor/Design” giveaway!! If you have a wall in your home that you have NO idea what to do with, enter to win and you may get a free design idea!!!!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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