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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony


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First of all, I vividly remember finishing Rhett’s 12 month blog post and saying to myself “You did it. You stuck to your commitment for every kid’s first year! Way to go!” and never imagining that I would actually be doing it again!! Well, here I am! And I’m so happy to be here. :)

Miles Lee entered the world just a day or two after this picture was taken! We made it just in the nick of time!! Can we just pause for a moment and take in how WILD this is?! First of all, you have to know, my sister and I were not close growing up. We actually weren’t really *nice* to each other until we were in COLLEGE! I’m sure my parents were worried. I hate it now just having toddlers fight with their older sister. I can’t imagine over a decade of having your girls not really like each other! The truth is, we did like each other, we just didn’t *get* each other. Fast forward to college and we started to connect. Fast forward a few more years and we were both married and then fast forward a few MORE years and we had our first babies just 8 weeks apart!

And then we had our seconds (technically our thirds) at the same time too.

And then we had our thirds just 13 days apart!

And NOW we are having our fourth babies 5 months apart!

That means come July, we will both have 6 year olds, 4 year olds, 2 year olds and newborns. WOW. Eight cousins, all the same age ranges…. about to live next door to one another! I never EVER could have imagined this. What a gift and a treasure in our lives. We are so grateful! I just had to share this because I haven’t been able to until now!

Ok Miles Lee… Let’s talk about your first month! Whew!

Your birth was beautiful. You were born at HOME and I still can’t believe it! What an answered prayer!! It was simple and straightforward. Your FIRST MONTH on the other hand was not simple and straightforward. It was quite the opposite. From the very first day, I knew we had something to figure out. Nursing pain was horrendous but it always is for me for a week or so… but you were chomping, it wasn’t quite what I remembered with the others. After two weeks of gassiness and tears from you and me, I started cutting dairy, ordering the probiotics, and asking for help. It was recommended that I look into seeing a tongue tie specialist even though we were told 3+ times that you didn’t have one. Well, you did and we had it released and saw instant results. Less pain for me, less gas for you and more weight gain… actually, A LOT of weight gain. My milk supply got to where it needed to be instantly and all was well in the world!! You started sleeping better and slowly but surely, we started to feel like we were figuring you out. Right when things seemed to turn a corner, we took you to Scotland for a work/fun trip with Buddy and Jill and Sunday! Talk about a whirlwind first 5 weeks!!

I’m currently typing this on the day you turned TWO months old but this is what I remember from month one:

  • You may have been gassy, but you were so sweet. When you didn’t have a bubble, you were so chill and relaxed. That’s how we knew something was off. Your demeanor didn’t match the painful screams you would let out. I’m so thankful we found what you needed.
  • You looked like Evy to me when you were born… but then you looked like Graham and everyone else agrees… but *sometimes* I still see hints of Evy in you!
  • Your blue eyes are just amazing! I am praying they stay that blue!
  • Your newborn acne was the most intense we have had!
  • You love sleeping on your stomach!
  • You didn’t burp or spitup at all your first month. We kinda wish you did to get the bubbles out!!
  • You smiled early and it’s my favorite
  • You have hair like Evy did! Thin, dark and stringy on top!
  • You are amazing at riding in the car! PTL!
  • You are outgrowing 0-3 month clothes and are now in 3-6month outfits
  • We’re getting some great 3-4 hour stretches at night and I’m grateful!!
  • You are SO loved by your siblings!!!

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

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