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  • Connect 2016 | Winshape Conference Center

Four years ago we flew down to Winshape Conference and Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia with Zach and Jody. We were in the midst of transitioning into becoming a husband and wife team and life just felt crazy. Fast forward 4 years later and life still feels crazy. We thought that that season was going to be our big season of growth. We learned some really big lessons about trust when Michael left his job at the church and joined me. Recently we learned a lot about trust when we bought land and then our house wouldn’t sell for over 10 months. We learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship with the Lord during those seasons.

I think that I thought that since we just made it through a season of learning to trust, that we would be entering an “easy” season. You know…. those seasons when you just kind of “coast” along and nothing really pushes you, stretches you and makes you uncomfortable. Those are the seasons I like…. because they are easy. The problem is, those are the seasons that don’t move us anywhere. Our relationship with the Lord doesn’t grow, our relationship with each other doesn’t grow and we tend to become apathetic towards a lot of things. Well, after several months of being stretched and challenged in our marriage, we went to the Connect Marriage Retreat this past week and it confirmed that once again, God isn’t done with us yet.

In fact, that was the title of our talk that we gave and basically bawled through. We weren’t crying because we’re emotional and dramatic. We both cried because in these seasons of painful growth and exciting changes in our marriage, we can feel God moving more than normal…. and when you can feel God working in your life, it’s enough to move you to tears. The other crazy thing is that God has been using Michael and I DESPITE all of our shortcomings…. which blows my mind!!!

We serve a really BIG God…. and He has a much bigger plan than we could ever imagine for us and for our marriage. We just have to get rid of our pride and let Him have His way with us. We watched Him change so many lives and marriages this past week at Connect. It always blows my mind how much change can happen when couples just CHOOSE to focus on their marriage instead of letting everything else in life take over. It’s an HONOR to be a part of this retreat and I seriously cannot wait until next year!!!

One night we had a dinner outdoors and we had about 10 minutes before a big storm came to do a few couples portraits! I think I did portraits for like 10 couples in a matter of MINUTES!!! Here are some of my favorites!! Ps. If Connect sounds like something you and your husband need, don’t hesitate to sign up when registration opens! Sign up for the waiting list HERE!

These two aren’t a couple…. obviously! But we do love us some Carissa!! We wish the Kennedy’s lived closer!


Somehow these two made it into the “couples” post!! I just liked it!

Thanks Tyler!

This cute guy is 30!!!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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