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This past week I spoke at THREE conferences in THREE DAYS in THREE STATES. What. were. we. thinking? I’ll tell you what we were thinking…. we booked Maine almost 8 months ago. Then we were asked to be a part of Creative Heart for Round Four! YAY!!! Then I got asked to speak at Making Things Happen and that’s such an honor as well …. and it’s all in the same weekend. So, because I married an amazing travel agent, we made it happen! I flew from Charleston to Maine, Maine to Baltimore and then drove from Annapolis to Chapel Hill. And I didn’t get sick and I wasn’t even that tired!

It’s a miracle!! Last time I was in Chapel Hill I had pneumonia and so this trip seemed so easy!!! I wish that I could do a post for ALL THREE conferences but that would dominate a whole week on the blog and so I just wanted to share some highlights with you!!!!

MAINE PPA : This was such a new experience for us! New people, new backgrounds, new state, new relationships! We loved meeting all of these amazing photographers but two of my favorite parts of this trip were 1. Lunch with the most amazing Husband/Wife photography team… who are my parent’s age and they are KILLING IT! And 2. Dinner with our new friend Patty who was actually the one who invited us!!! Ps. The LOBSTER was a highlight too!

CREATIVE AT HEART | ROUND 4 : I love this community. It’s different than any other conference and I can’t really put my finger on why but I think it has a lot to do with the heart and the people! These are OUR PEOPLE! It literally feels like a big ol’ reunion every single time! I loved Round 4 because it was so intimate and intentional. I loved the space and the feel of the room! It was such a fun crowd and even though I was only there for Day One, I loved it so much that I had a hard time leaving!

MAKING THINGS HAPPEN: This was my first time going to MTH as a speaker! It still feels so weird to say that. I’m so VERY honored to be a part of this transformational experience. So many lives are changed during these two days. Some of my MTH highlights were: 1. Spending time with the amazing women who make this thing happen. I’m so amazed by them! 2. Getting to know Amber and Emily better!!! 3. Getting to hold sweet Millie Ray and meet Sarah, Lara’s newest family member!! 4. Rooming with the amazing Carrie Grace and 5. Getting to share pieces of our story with a room full of dreamers, doers and creatives!!!

For those of you who have never experienced in-person conferences, MTH and C@H are two incredible places to start!!!!

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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