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It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again. We’re prepping for new weddings, new schedules, new trips, new ideas for the Collection, new speaking engagements!! I thought it would be helpful to see all of our speaking locations in one place! When I look at this list, I really can’t express how honored I am to be a part of these events. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was gearing up for my very first WPPI Platform talk and I was so nervous! I get nervous just thinking about it!! Speaking of WPPI….

We are sadly not going to be there this year. So much has changed since we started going to that conference 7 years ago and after a lot of thought and advice from some friends and mentors, we decided to take this year off. We were planning on being there but we think staying home that week would actually be better for us. Our February and March are a little crazy and so it was VERY freeing to delete a whole week of travel off of the calendar! Instead of heading to WPPI, we’ll be working at home to launch our second round of the KJ Consistency Course! AHH!!! We’ve been freaking out over the response and requests that we have been receiving and so we’re working hard to make it available again!

To find out more about the KJ Consistency Course, CLICK HERE! If you’re interested in having access to our second round of the course, CLICK HERE to join a specific mailing list so that you’ll be the first to know when it’s available!

Below you’ll find a list of speaking events that we’re so excited about but I wanted to highlight a few SPECIFIC EVENTS really quick! One event is ONLINE and it’s FREE and the other two events are smaller local events in Maine and South Carolina!! :

First, if you’re a photographer that has INTERNET, you should be signed up for this!!! It’s FREE! Why the heck not?! The TURNITUP Conference is going to be absolutely amazing. The lineup is just insane and it’s an honor to speak alongside these incredible people who are also our friends!! And the best part? It’s all online and you can watch and learn in your yoga pants!! I would be thrilled if you joined us!! CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP!  It’s happening next week!!!

I also wanted to invite any of you southerners out there to join us at the South Carolina Photo Convention!! We’re so excited to go somewhere a bit warmer!! (especially since the forecast is calling for 2 feet of snow this weekend!!! ah! I’m actually really excited about that!:) So this conference is a new adventure of us but we’re thrilled to be meeting some new friends who probably have accents like I do!! ha! CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP!

Also, before I go and let you check out the list below, I want to highlight two conferences that will pull at your heart strings, but will also send you home with passion, purpose, and determination!! If you’re in the DC, Annapolis, Baltimore area… really ANY northern location… you should join us for the Creative at Heart Conference!! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! This will be my FOURTH C@H conference and I can’t wait!!

For all of you southerners out there with big dreams that feel completely STUCK, the MAKING THINGS HAPPEN conference is for you! I was an attendee this past year and I was just blown away! This year I’m SPEAKING and I’m so honored!! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Katelyn James Workshop Experience: Feb 1-2 SOLD OUT

SC Photo Convention: Feb 20-23

Floral Collective Conference : Feb 29

Maine PPA Convention: March 18-20

Creative at Heart Annapolis : March 20-22

Making Things Happen : March 21-22

Pursuit : April 4-7

Connect Retreat : May 2-5

Creative at Heart Denver : July 24-25

Creative at Heart Memphis: Nov. 13-14

If you can’t make it to our speaking events, we have resources for you in THE STORE

xoxo, Katelyn
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