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new house has brought out the perfectionist side of me. People have asked “Are you going to show more pics?!” And my thought is, “Yes of course! …When it’s perfectly decorated!” … Well reality is setting in. Our last home was just under 1300 square feet. I decorated the whole place in one weekend while Michael was on a retreat!! It was so easy because I had tons of frames from college and it didn’t take much to fill up our little house. We like to use the term “cozy” when we refer to our first house! It’s not that our new house isn’t cozy…. it’s just double the size and so what I used to be able to do in a weekend is going to take MONTHS to accomplish!

Someone told me it takes 10 years to decorate a new house that is a decent size and I thought to myself, “Have you been to IKEA?”.  haha We love that place! We have made some hefty furniture purchases for the pieces that need to last forever but for the accent pieces, IKEA is the way to go!!! Michael is making his second trip in two weeks to IKEA tomorrow to pick up a few things! We need a loyalty card there… seriously, we’d at least get a free LACK table or something! Anyway, I’m realizing that the decorating process in this new house will be an on going project and I’m going to have to be patient. I have also realized that if I don’t share pictures until the house feels DONE, it’s going to be 5 years old before anyone sees it! So I’m adopting the Young House Love approach of showing rooms as a “Work in progress”.  So while this isn’t a huge peak into the new house, it’s a start! We just got our living room furniture in from Bassett and we LOVED working with them!! Enjoy a little snippet of the living room area!!

Soooo… these are my CRAZY chairs! The walls of the living room are two stories tall and so I knew that I couldn’t do a pop of color by using paint so I ordered these chairs! BAM! They look crazy but I LOVE them and Michael is a fan too! And they’re my favorite colors!!! Can wait to add curtains and wall accents to finish this room!! 

Our living room is two stories and opens up to a loft area! The arch and the columns were a standard part of the floor plan and it’s one of the main reasons we fell in love with this house! We also love that random walls are curved. It would have been cheaper to make those foyer walls meet at a square point but I love that they made it look more custom with that little corner nook! We have a similar nook in our bedroom! (Another reason we love Eagle!)

The foyer leads into the living room and the kitchen and morning room are on the left! More of those later! It’s not close to being done but it’s definitely getting there!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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