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we moved in I knew I wanted to do this. It was one of those projects that really wasn’t NECESSARY… but OHHH if we could make it happen, it would transform the living room! When Michael and I got married, we bought a little cape cod in the west end of Richmond and we adore it. When I picture a “first home” type of house… this is exactly what comes to mind. No closet space, hitting shoulders when we’re both trying to brush our teeth in our tiny little bathroom, and a cozy little living room. We love it. It’s so perfect for us right now and despite the fact that we’ve been running out of storage space since before we moved in,

we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  We’re extremely thankful for our home and we’re having fun making it our own! And really… the fact that we don’t have closet space is a blessing in disguise because I throw out a ton of junk we don’t have room for! (AND I’m horrified of the show HOARDERS and it has me paranoid!! Who’s with me!?)


So painting our fireplace white was the project that has been put off for a year now.  We enjoyed the dark brick for about as long as I could stand it… and then I made a trip to Lowes. I bought the primer, paint, and specialty roller for BRICK and there was no turning back! We HAD to do it now! Michael started rolling it on and I got excited!  White just brightens up EVERYTHING! Our tiny little living room needed some BRIGHT!! So as we watched our tivoed X-FACTOR episodes, the project began.  (ps. I had to look “Tivoed” up to make sure it was a real word and URBAN DICTIONARY said it was! So I’m using it!) Michael did the hard stuff and I painted around the edges and dreamed about what wintery display would look best on our newly brightened mantle! I stayed up til 2am last night trying to get everything JUST right and I’m excited about the results. So because everyone loves a good “before and after” post… here’s our new fireplace and some holiday decor inspiration!!! Enjoy!!


For some reason we’re really into all the “singing” shows… even the bad ones (ahem… “The VOICE”!… Not a favorite.. but we still watch it:) The X-factor is pretty entertaining but the SINGOFF is AMAZING!!! So sad it’s over!! Yay Pentatonix!! Wave to what’s his name on the screen below!  Glad he made the blog:)

Before and after! 

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xoxo, Katelyn
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