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on an older generation Mac Book Pro. My office went everywhere! Then I started this crazy business and I invested in an imac…. best decision ever. I can’t imagine culling, storing, editing, blogging, etc. on my laptop….even my new one! My imac was one of my smartest business decisions. However, once I got my first imac in college, that meant I had to have a desk…. and that’s when the “Office Evolution” started. My business and my dorm room were the same thing for almost 2 years. Once I upgraded my imac…. I had to find even more space! Talk about a cramped lifestyle! Thankfully I had a room to myself and I cannot thank my roommates enough for that!

If I had to share a room with someone else AND try to keep a business running while graduating college… I probably wouldn’t have made it. I was so thankful for my little room in the Middle House. It was my first “Official Office” and I loved it. It was the best option for me at the time. My files were stored in a little teal Martha Stewart Living file organizer and whenever Christmas or summer rolled around, I would pack up everything into my little VW bug and the office moved home with me. It was CRAZINESS.  After graduating and moving home before the wedding, once again, I had to create an office. I had a summer ahead of me that was FULL of weddings and I needed somewhere to work!! So my office evolved into THIS.  I like to call this my “Ten minute office” because I literally set it up in 10 minutes.  From that little office space in the landing area of my Parent’s house, I edited 17 weddings, re-designed my website and totally re-branded my whole business. It worked for one summer…. but oh how I dreamed of the day when I would have a REAL office! My desk at the time was made of metal and was on wheels…. a $49.99 Target special. I longed for a REAL desk!! A desk that actually had DRAWERS and would hold FILES! I just wanted a real space to be able to say “Here…. come into my office”.


Michael and I were so SO thankful that God has perfect timing and we were able to find a house in the middle of June last summer. It wasn’t just adorable on the outside, it was exactly what I had hoped for on the inside. I wanted an office upstairs with slanted rooflines and since we bought a Cape Cod… my dream came true! I now have an office that looks like a little cottage and I’m obsessed with it! Ahhh!!! It’s SO me and so my brand! I really believe that when you work in a space that doesn’t inspire you, you can very easily lose your desire to be creative (that was a constant issue in my Ten Minute Office).  Now that I’m working in a space that I LOVE…. I feel more creative AND productive!  And guess what…… I have a REAL DESK…and it’s huge….. and I LOVE it! I’m beyond thankful for my space to work and grow this business. It has a few little areas that need some tweaking but that’s just because I’m picky about decorating:).  Enjoy these before and afters!!!





Thank you Wendy for advising that I look for “Settee”…. I now know a new furniture “term”.

Notice some of this stuff?! Definitely re-used wedding decor! Hey, if your brand is based off of “YOU”…. everything is just naturally branded by YOU!

My little babies have a home now!

How cool are these?! Pier One! 50% off!

xoxo, Katelyn
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