• Delight Retreat for Newly Engaged & Newlywed Women

We have REALLY exciting news!! We have had some amazing opportunities to speak over the course of the last 3 years but this is unlike anything we have ever done before. I have been PRAYING for a chance to pour into marriages and young women and this is such an answered prayer!! I am THRILLED to announce that we’re going to be a part of our very first DELIGHT Retreat!!! Ah!! All the way in the mountains of WASHINGTON!!

Ever since Michael (my husband and high school sweetheart) walked away from his job as a youth pastor to join me in our business3, I have prayed that I would be able to still reach young women in some way in the photography industry. Being a part of a Delight Retreat has always been a distant dream but I knew that the chances of both of us going all the way to the PNW would be slim. We would literally have to travel across the entire country and our schedules would need to align perfectly…. the only way that it would happen would be because God wanted it to happen. So, now that you know that, you can understand my excitement as I FINALLY get to announce that Michael and I ARE HEADING TO THE DELIGHT HOUSE!!!!! This is an answered prayer and something that we are so looking forward to!

We’re going to be spending a few days at the Delight House to teach and lead a workshop for SEVEN young women. We’re focusing on what it looks like to cultivate the heart of a wife and I’m SO thankful that Michael gets to be a part of this too! We definitely don’t know everything about marriage…. we’re only 5 years in! However, in those five years, we have seen God teach and change our marriage in some beautiful ways.

I’m so excited to share some time, stories and our heart with these amazing women! This retreat is coming quick! It’s in FEBRUARY and so if you’re a young, engaged woman who wants to invest in your future marriage before it begins OR if you’re a newlywed, SIGN UP before all 7 spots are gone!!

Michael and I are praying specifically for the women who will be spending this intentional time with us in February and we are thrilled to be a part of this! We SO wish that we had invested in our marriage in this way when we were engaged and newlyweds!!!!!!

Photo by the talented Alicia Lacey Photography!

xoxo, Katelyn
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