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  • Countryside Engagement Session | Eastern Maryland

I remember getting her email and thinking “Hey! We spell our name the same way!!”. We had seen each other and chatted at a conference prior to her email and I just loved Katelyn’s sweet smile and fun personality. I hear the words “I’m going to email you once I get a ring!” ALL of the time and it happens about 10% of the time because of budget but Katelyn was committed and SO excited. I knew as soon as I received her email that she was going to be the most perfect KJ Bride! She loves photography (she’s an amazing photographer herself!) and she loves Doug with all of her heart. That’s the perfect combo and we couldn’t wait for their shoot!!

We met at her Pop Pop’s house in the countryside of eastern Maryland and it was the perfect setting for their pictures. There is something so special about shooting on a property that means so much to the couple. If  you follow Katelyn on Instagram, all it takes is a few scrolls to realize how deeply she loves her grandparents. We pulled up and we were greeted by Katelyn and her parents. Doug was taking care of the pups! Before we started shooting, Katelyn’s mom leaned over to me and said “We just love Doug… he’s perfect for her”. You could tell she truly meant it and that she was so happy for her little girl.

After shooting some Save-the-date photos with the pups underneath Katelyn’s grandparent’s anniversary tree, we headed out to the back of the property and it was beautiful! I’m a love of tall grass and I love wispy trees and I had both of these things on her Pop pop’s property!! Katelyn is a country girl at heart and literally walked around barefoot the entire time. She has some TOUGH feet because it wasn’t like we were walking on a sandy beach! I used to live barefoot growing up and I thought I had tough feet but she put my feet to shame! ha!

Despite the humidity and the heat, we had a blast together. I loved meeting Doug and getting to know them more. They love their pups, they are SO excited  that Doug is officially done with the Police Academy and their are so ready to get married next year! It’s going to be here before we know it!!!

We loved this evening together and we can’t wait to see them (and their PUPS!) again!!! Yay!!!



xoxo, Katelyn
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