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I honestly don’t think I’ve seen her more excited about something since I got an email to photograph her own wedding!! The incredible Kat Schmoyer of Dear Sweetheart Events has been gearing up and planning what people are saying is going to be the BEST Creative at Heart Conference to DATE! Why is it so great? Well, honestly, I think that this has been a hard year for a lot a people. It’s been a hard year for people in business and it’s been a hard year for a lot of people personally. Kat has had challenges this past year, and we’ve had challenges this past year. While our challenges have been different, there is power in going through hard seasons and even MORE power in continuing to LEAD through hard seasons.

I’m so proud of Kat because she’s taken a hard year and decided to lead, through the pain, and let God transform her heart. In the process of all of this, she’s created and planned a conference that has a renewed vision and a renewed purpose. The opportunity that she is creating, for creatives this coming summer, is something truly incredible. It would have been perfectly understandable for her to sit back and decide to keep her story to herself and to slowly back away from her leadership role. Instead, she’s chosen to turn the exact opposite direction, and she’s changing lives with her story and her passion for what she believes in. THAT is why I’m excited about this conference. Because it’s not only Kat who has taken challenges and has risen above them! EVERY single speaker at Creative at Heart Round 7 has done the same in their own way and with their own story. We all started somewhere… we all made mistakes…. we all wished we had made different choices at some point in our careers…. but we all have also done things right…and we’ve made GREAT decisions and we’ve launched amazing products, events and services… and we want to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you. Why? Because sharing our mess-ups and our victories empowers others to thrive. Running a business is hard work. There is a reason why most people don’t work for themselves and why 80% of those who try fail at it. It’s not easy. So take THREE DAYS and pour some love, heart, passion and knowledge into yourself and this business that you desperately don’t want to lose. You deserve to THRIVE and there is no reason why you can’t.

So what’s holding you back?! Registration opens TONIGHT (February 1st, 2017) at 8pm EST!! And . . . there is a webinar going live at 8pm as well for those who have questions that they want answered! You can signup/join in for the webinar HERE! 

For those who are ready to make a change, and have one incredible experience, you can REGISTER HERE once the clock strikes 8pm EST!!! There are only 50 spots TOTAL! That’s it! This isn’t a mega-conference! It’s small for a very intentional reason. Join us!! I can’t wait to see you there…. with our baby girl! ah! She better love conferences!! :)

Special thanks to the incredible SC Stock Shop for these images!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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