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interesting to me how my coaching sessions this summer have panned out. First of all, let me just say that I LOVE them. I really REALLY enjoy getting to know these new friends and growing my group of photography buddies. It’s so wonderful getting to actually sit and talk one on one with each person and hear their story, their dreams and answer their questions.  The funny thing is that I have noticed that all of my photographers that have signed up have matched up perfectly! I’ve had some newer photographers, some semi-experienced photographers and recently, I worked with Katie and Heather who are both full time parents

AND running their businesses. They were able to encourage each other in ways that I couldn’t because obviously,  I’m not a parent!  Katie and Heather met with me in Richmond a couple of weeks ago and the day flew by in a flash. They always do. It’s A LOT of information and learning tucked into one session. If you haven’t heard about my coaching sessions you can read more about them HERE!  I started offering them in May and was really just taking a big chance because I’ve never offered anything like this before! Luckily, it was a success!  Since I first announced coaching sessions in May, I have held 3 dates and have learned what works best and what needs to be tweaked. The new layout of the coaching sessions can be viewed here as well! Each photographer gets one on one time as well as headshots and a lunch date with a new photog friend! It’s a blast! If you’re interested in being a part of one or just want more information, you can read more here.   I will be announcing more dates in August for my September, October, and November dates!


It was such a joy getting to know these two amazing women. Katie and Heather are the sweetest and I’m so thankful that they came down and spent the day with me. We talked about everything from babies to business strategies to blogging!!  Enjoy my favorites from their headshot shoot!!!

Heather pleaseeee! You are stunning! Seriously obsessed with this girl’s HAIR! 

This was like the 3rd shot I took of Katie… no big deal. These ladies KNOW how to be in front of the camera… even if they were unsure at first:)

Katie is expecting and she’s adorable! Love this one! 

Back to the parking garage! I LOVE teaching with this light! :)


Love this!

YAY for new friends and a productive day!!




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