A Clifton Inn Winter Wedding

  • Aaron + Melissa

It was a bit chilly on Saturday but that didn’t stop the excitement of Aaron and Melissa’s big day. We arrived to a house of bridesmaids, makeup artists and family members running around and preparing for the big day! The joy was contagious. As Melissa sat in the beautiful dining room at Colina Farm and had her makeup done, her bridesmaids ooh’d and ahh’d over how amazing she looked and she wasn’t even in her dress yet! It’s true, Melissa looked stunning. Now I have to admit that when I was shooting her details, I picked up her dress and I was SHOCKED at how light it was! It’s probably the smallest wedding dress I have ever shot! Melissa is so petite and it made shooting her dress so easy! I could hang it anywhere! I loved shooting details in the pure white room that the girls were getting ready in. White walls, big windows, white floors, rustic old furniture.. it was a dream! I could have shot the whole wedding day in that room!

As the day began, friends and family started to gather from all over the country. This was a destination wedding for both sides of the family and that made this gathering even sweeter. Everyone that loves and adores Aaron and Melissa were in one place for one night and it was QUITE a party! Richard Green was their DJ (he was our DJ too!) and so we knew that it was going to be a great time!

Aaron and Melissa had an incredible wedding day. As we shot their portraits, you could tell how happy they were that this day was finally here! They were so excited that they just couldn’t stop talking to each other! I would pose them and after a few seconds, they had started another conversation… with their noses touching! We laughed and gave them a hard time about this but the reality is that they are best friends. Best friends can’t stop talking to one another… they just can’t help it. I loved seeing that in these two. We are so excited for them as they start this new chapter of their lives together! Michael and I absolutely loved being a part of their big day and we wish them a fabulous honeymoon in Antigua!!!


You know I LOVED this hanger!!!

Everyone needs a little cookie break! :)

Such beautiful florals! 

Melissa’s dad cracks me up! Love this! 

One of my favorites from the day!

Melissa you’re beautiful!!!!

Love this mother/daughter shot. 


They are the cutest..

So classic!

A favorite of Michaels! 

Just gorgeous!

Looking good boys!

Beautiful girls!

Time to get married!!


MARRIED!! Ok I’d say they were pretty happy about this!

So lovely.

Aaron and Melissa are Chefs and so their favors were salt!! 

They were married on Melissa’s parent’s anniversary AND Melissa’s grandparent’s anniversary! 

Ceremony | The Clifton Inn
Reception | The Clifton Inn
Florists | Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Design
Dress | Joan Pillow Bridal Salon
Bridesmaids | Jenny Yoo
Groomsmen | Men’s Wearhouse
DJ | Richard Green Entertainment
Coordinator | Simply Chic Events
Hair |Invitations | Taylor Street Paper
Cake | The Clifton Inn 
Catering | The Clifton Inn
 Calligraphy | Meant To Be Calligraphy
xoxo, Katelyn
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