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Thursdays are filled with a ton of wedding pictures! Thursdays are always fun and exciting…. but there is no wedding to post this week so I thought to myself “This Thursday is going to be a boring blog day if I don’t think of SOMETHING!”. So, in order to keep today BRIGHT and FUN…..I’m sharing another BEFORE & AFTER post of our home!! This isn’t the most AMAZING room in our house… it’s the BATHROOM. Yea, so don’t get too excited. This is actually a little weird.  Sharing your bathroom with the internet is quite a bold move…. but not as bold as the PAINT COLOR I picked!!! Ha!

You should have seen Michael’s face when I showed him the color I wanted for our downstairs bathroom!! He’s so wonderful… he just smiled and said he didn’t care.  Really? Michael do you regret letting me have a PLUM bathroom?! This is your bathroom too ya know! I’m sure he isn’t 100% thrilled to get ready in such a girly space, however…. I LOVE it! I would never paint my living room, kitchen or bedroom this color! No way! But a bathroom makes for a great PLUM ROOM. I really love the way it turned out! Most of the accessories are from Pier One, Homegoods, and the shower curtain and towels are from Bed, Bath and Beyond! One thing you need to realize about all of these BEFORE and AFTER posts is that these images are taken with a 24mm lens…. and it’s SO wide angle! So people see our house on the blog and then they see it in real life and comment that “It just seemed bigger on the blog!” haha. It’s true. This is really just an optical illusion! But enjoy this little peak of our home….. just know that your view is a little distorted!


BEFORE….ewwwww. This was taken pre-painting and pre-wedding. 


Yes, I only use Bath and Body Work products that MATCH my bathroom…. don’t judge.

awwww… that picture of us is from a LONG time ago!!! It’s one of my favorites… and I am displaying it on our toilet? I admit that is strange.

This mirror was here when we bought the house and so I found bathroom hardware that matched it.

What do you think?! Too much PURPLE?! Michael may agree with you:) View our other BEFORE & AFTER posts here:



xoxo, Katelyn
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