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Gillian + Nick

A Simple Scottish Wedding | Aberdeen, Scotland

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This day has been a long time coming! We have waited four years for the chance to celebrate with these two. Their gorgeous Glencoe engagement session was in 2019 and the pandemic took away their chance at a normal wedding day.

Nick and Gillian decided to go ahead and have a small family ceremony in the backyard of Gillian’s parent’s home and then grew their family! They have a precious two year old and a 9 month old who were the stars of the show this past weekend. It’s hard to believe that the last time we were together, Graham was just 12 weeks old. We have both had two children since the last time we were together. It feels like another life and yet also seems like it just happened a few months ago. We had no idea back in 2019 what we were all about to experience. While this isn’t the wedding celebration that any of us anticipated back then, it was still still full of so much joy and excitement!

Michael and I loved getting to see Nick and Gillian again. They were just as calm, fun, and joyful as they were back in 2019 when our adventure together first began. Only this time, we had the shared experience of being parents. Honestly, this isn’t a normal shared life experience that we have with our KJ Couples and it was so much fun to talk and feel so understood! They get it. Life with young kids is full and demanding but also so amazing. Seeing both of them in their roles of mom and dad was beautiful and added a special new element to their day that we just loved!!

They didn’t have a ceremony, we took some portraits of the two of them the day before, they didn’t stress over details and their main goal was to have a joyful celebration with their closest friends and family. Their mission was most definitely accomplished!! I honestly can’t believe everything fell into place for us to be there to capture it but I’m so grateful.  Enjoy some of my favorites from this family’s special day and congrats to Nick and Gillian on FINALLY being able to celebrate your marriage!!!


Reception | Hazelhead Park Cafe

Dress Store | Perfect Bridal Rooms

Dress Designer | Sophia Tolli

Hair & Make Up | NK Hair Studio

DJ | Ritz Media

Cake | Mother of the Bride

Catering | Hazelhead Park Cafe

Groomsmen Attire | McCalls

Invitations | Gillian Sarah

View their Engagement Session HERE!

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