A Palm Springs Getaway

  • And Why We Spoke at An Asphalt Conference

We spoke at my dad’s church about a year ago. We shared about our business but more importantly we shared our story about Michael leaving his job at our church in order to join me. That was such a hard season of our life because there was so much unknown. We didn’t know what God was trying to do. We didn’t know WHY we felt like Michael needed to join me and not be a youth pastor anymore…all we knew was that God was moving in our hearts and in our life and we were just trusting that He was going to do something with us!

Three years later we can honestly say that we’ve seen God do so much more than we ever dreamed of through our little business. He’s constantly reminding us that we weren’t given this business just to take pictures. He has a greater purpose for careers and he does ministry in the marketplace just as often as He does ministry in a church setting!! This is the story that we told to a group of business men and women in the Asphalt industry this past Sunday morning! The Asphalt industry you say?? Yes. Like pavement…. pot holes…. asphalt!! After sharing our story with our home church, we were invited to share our story at a worship service at an asphalt conference outside of Palm Springs, CA and we agreed to go! It was awesome and you know what….. people working in the asphalt industry can change just as many lives as people in the wedding industry!!

We absolutely loved our time speaking and we’re so thankful for Richard inviting us all the way to CA!!! Not only did we have a blast speaking, we also got to meet up with our sweet friends Aimee and Troy!!! They drove out for a few days and it was so great to just get to sit and relax with people that GET us!!! This industry is huge and we know a lot of people… but you can only truly get to know a handful of people on a deeper level and we’re so thankful to have those type of friendships!! These are the type of friendships that make you want to cancel flights and spend another 3 days by the pool with nothing to do but talk and catch some rays! (well… I don’t catch rays, I burn and reflect!!)

Enjoy some iPhone photos from our little getaway to Palm Springs!!!!

Superbowl Sunday!! …. The Girls went shopping!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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