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bad session for me to shoot RIGHT when I’m having puppy fever! I want a puppy so badly!! Just a little one… that’s sweet and cute and furry. I pulled up to John’s house and Colleen explained that they had a yellow lab named Bubba and that her parents would be bringing Captain along to join us for some shots as well.  Little did I know that Captain would be the CUTEST little puff ball I had ever seen in my life! He’s a teacup poodle and he’s full grown. You’re not going to believe how adorable he is!! So John and Colleen are the epitome of “dog people”.

They treat Bubba like he is their first born and I love it! He’s such a huge part of the family! We started their session in their neighborhood and headed down to a little pond where they like to walk Bubba after work and sometimes go night canoeing! How fun?! These two met through a mutual friend and just knew this was it! They were going to spend their life together!! Colleen had an idea that a ring would be coming one day… but while on a hike together, John caught her completely off guard and asked her to marry him!! They’re planning their beautiful fall wedding for this October and I can’t wait! It’s going to be amazing and guess what! …. Bubba will be a part of the wedding celebrations for sure! I told you, he’s part of the family!


So John and Colleen as we move closer and closer to your wedding day, I get more and more excited to capture it! What a wonderful and joyful couple you are! I’m so glad our paths crossed (in some crazy ways!).  Enjoy a TON of favorites and thank you for making this session incredible!!

Oh how I love little Captain!!!

Light in the woods = awesomeness

So let me tell you about this awesome necklace. Its from a seller on Esty and there is only one! It was made during the war and it’s a working compass that is always supposed to be pointing North…. but it’s stuck at Southwest.  So normally, Colleen would be able to say that John is her true North…but now she’s just saying he’s her true South-West!! Ha!  It’s a fun idea and I like it when brides wear big jewelry! ESPECIALLY when there is a story behind it!

I’m pretty sure Bubba is sticking his tongue out….

Ha! Love this!

Probably my FAVORITE from the whole day!



Let me explain how much Bubba loves his family. When they left him on the shore and took the canoe out…. HE FLIPPED! He went crazy! He just wanted to be with them so even though they knew a wet muddy dog wouldn’t be the greatest thing to come home to later…they let him jump in and he was SO HAPPY!

Oh and lets not forget to give Captain a little spotlight too… isn’t he adorable?!! And he’s full grown!! AH! I want one Michael!!

We shot the second half of their session at Belle Island in downtown Richmond.

Oh hey glowy light!!

Love it!

Don’t you feel like they’re on an episode of LOST?! ha! Maybe that’s just me.

I love tall grassy places! Did I find a tick on me when I got home? Yes. But was this worth it? YES!!

You  two are GREAT!!! LOVED my time with you and THANK YOU for my Historic Richmond Lesson as we were walking around!!:)

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