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I’m suffering from the allergies…. oh and they’re AWFUL! Why?! WHY is it that when it gets pretty outside… I can’t go out there!!! I literally can’t BREATHE through my nose right now and I hate it.  It’s so nice out there…..if I didn’t have allergies I could……. go on a run! or weed the flower bed! or finish mulching around the big tree in the front yard!….. Yea. right.  I would never do any of those things at 9am on a Tuesday. However, I would like to think that if I didn’t have allergies, I would be more productive during my workday. I feel like every time I’m about to accomplish something I have to run and grab a new box of tissues! Misery!!!

Ok so enough misery… lets get to the good stuff! Recently I’ve had some fun little features on the web and a print feature in the Richmond Times Dispatch and so I thought I would share them with you! However, you must be warned! …. you may pick up a new blog or two to follow and if you’re anything like me, you definitely don’t need something NEW to add to the daily blog list!


Here is a little clip from Matt and Brittany’s feature in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  They had such a fabulous Richmond Wedding!!!!

Thanks to the fabulous ladies at United with Love for showing off Alison’s awesome “statement” necklace! Alison and Manny’s big day was GORGEOUS! If you missed it, click HERE!

Chez Wedd did a feature on Kitchen Engagement sessions and featured a shot from Will and Michelle’s Kitchen E-session!

Last but not least, thanks to Ashley for the feature of my OFFICE on her blog, 7th House on the Left! Such a cute home decorating blog! I LOVE it!!

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