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My first GOALS post. This is how much I NEED to be writing down goals…..I had a “Goal” to blog about “GOALS” since January 1st…. and now it’s January 25th and I’m just now getting around to it! Get my point?? I think blogging about some monthly goals may be extremely beneficial for me for many reasons. 1. It will hold me accountable. 2. It will hold me accountable and 3. It will really hold me accountable. That’s what I need! My to-do lists are wonderful but there are always a few things that I really need to just get accomplished and I keep re-writing them on my daily to-do lists and before I know it, they disappear and never get done. So!

I am going to blog a monthly GOAL list and let me preface this by saying that I WILL NOT ALWAYS get everything done… I realize this! I’m ok with this! However, sharing some of my goals will the internet world should kick me into high gear on days when I’m lacking in energy! So here we go! I have Business goals and Personal Goals:

Business Goals | January

  • Finish album designs… ALL OF THEM
  • Update the Engagement gallery on my website
  • Re-order my personalized CD’s
  • Design Thank You cards for clients
  • Send Thank you cards to be printed
  • Come up with a better blogging calendar



Personal Goals | January

  • Daily quiet time
  • 30 Thank you notes done and mailed
  • Hang curtains in Youth Room
  • Order prints for ALL empty frames in the house
  • Start working on our Wedding Video
  • Finish editing Honeymoon pictures from Croatia


Now I realize that this isn’t a massive list… but that’s because it’s JANUARY 25th!!!! I have a limited number of days because I procrastinated blogging about GOALS! …..ugh. So I’m nervous/excited about this new little monthly series and I’m really hoping it gives me a little extra push to be extra productive! Here’s to a super productive Tuesday!! Let’s get a lot accomplished!!

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