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it’s official, hosting workshops in our home is one of my all time favorite things. It’s A LOT of work but it’s absolutely wonderful. Michael and I just hosted our 3rd workshop in the house and it was a BLAST! I couldn’t have loved this group more!! We had 6 STATES represented this round! Texas, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland and Indiana!! Crazy! We welcomed these new friends into our home on a rainy Monday morning and an hour later, they felt like old friends. By day two we were sitting on the floor of the living room going over websites together and cracking up like we were BFF’s at a sleepover.

I love that. I love it because the experience is personal and the setting isn’t intimidating. I would much rather sit on my living room floor with photogs from all over the country than sit in a stuffy conference room for 10+ hours two days in a row. I’m a little sad that these new friends won’t be coming through our door this morning for round three but I’m not sure my voice could take it! I sound like a decrepit old man today from talking two days straight!!

So the third Workshop Experience in our new home was quite a success and I’m SO incredibly thankful for everyone who attended. What an amazing group!!! I cannot wait to see what they do with their businesses! I also have to thank EVERYONE who made this happen!! :

Michael (he literally does everything besides teach the workshop!), Bobbi (my mother in law), Amanda from Anthomanic, Morgan from Paisley and Jade , Bella Rosa, Emily Hudspeth, Our models Rob and Alicia (they are amazing!), All of the other vendors from the shoot that I’ll be mentioning when I post those beautiful images (after it’s published:) and ALL of our SPONSORS!!! :


Here are some “Behind the Scenes” shots and a sneak peek of our fabulous “Fairytale” shoot styled by Amanda!!

Our wonderful models came bearing cupcakes!! Seriously?! They are the sweetest! (Both them and the cupcakes:)

Ps. We weren’t on our phones all day… I was talking about social media and the power of instagram hashtags! :)

Love sharing meals together!!

Our super fun texans cracking each other up at lunch time. :)

My sweet boy… he’s so good on workshop days:)

And a collaboration of  instagrams from attendees and vendors!! 

Headshots in my morning room since it was 30 degrees outside! 

And last but not least… FOOD! 

Sneak peek of our Fairytale inspired shoot!!! SO EXCITED to share!!!

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