• 3 Benefits of the 85mm 1.4 & Tips for Using It

I have heard so much in my career from other photographers that the 85mm is just NOT a great lens to use on wedding days. Really, a lot of photographers don’t love this lens in general! Why? Well, I believe that they don’t full understand it…. because when you truly grasp what this lens can do, it’s life-changing!!! You may think I’m being dramatic but this is my go-to, sweet spot, top-favorite lens that I own!! I use it at EVERY shoot and EVERY wedding and I’m truly obsessed with it!

Now, I understand that some have reservations about it. 1. The Canon 85mm 1.4 lens is expensive and it’s not truly necessary. 2. The focal length is definitely on the longer side which can be tricky and 3. Past versions have had focus issues. There is a lot stacked against this lens…. but let me tell you. The 85mm 1.4 is a game changer. The Image Stabilization feature is amazing and I now consider it one of my most ACCURATE lenses in terms of focus.

There are SO many reasons why I love this lens and CANNOT have my defined style without it!! If you want to know why, watch this brand new Youtube Episode!!! Enjoy!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Leah Morrison reply

    I LOVE my 85mm. I always carry the 85 and 59 in my bag. The tip of waiting until they’re comfortable is a great tip! I recently did a maternity shoot for a friend and because of trying to maintain distance, it was perfect for still getting some nice close ups, but it gave a beautiful background. Later, she said, “I’m so glad you got some of just me! They’re just beautiful!”

  2. Kim McKee reply

    You said that you usually do not start with the 85, what do you usually start with?

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  4. Wedding Photographer Belfast reply

    We love our 85mm lenses too, although we have recently purchased a 135mm lens and find it excellent for portraits as well. Because of the longer focal length though it isn’t always an option we can use.

  5. Sankha Roy reply

    This is a GEM of lenses. I just can’t shoot without this lense. Canon rocks.

  6. Ufniak Photography reply

    Goog fotal lenght! I use the 1.8 version and its great too! :-)

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