• "When a Bride Becomes a Friend"

Ah, the infamous words of Jasmine Star.  If you visit her actual website, these will be the first words you hear.  She talks about how she adores her brides and how she loves it when a “Bride becomes a friend.”  I loved that concept and I knew that was the way I wanted to run my business.  I want to really KNOW and love my clients. I want to consider these couples as friends! I can tell in her work and in others that when you establish relationships, you establish a connection and where there are connections, there is the possibility for AMAZING pictures!


As I started the business, I saw a glimpse of what this could look like for me. I loved my couples and they were so much fun to work with! However, this summer, I really understood it. I understood what J* was referring to when she explained that knowing your bride personally changes  your business entirely! For example, I know you remember Lauryn.  She was one of my stunning brides from June.  From the first time I met with her and Jared I knew I would love them but I never expected her to email randomly just to encourage me! Talk about an awesome girl!! I love her! I love them all! I could seriously go on about each one.  Christy, Chrissy, Jamie, Michelle, Brooke,etc.!  They’re incredible.


Another example…It’s kinda funny when I think about it.  I totally forgot about all the connections between Oliver and Carley and some of my other couples! At their ceremony, I was standing quietly at the very front of the church as the guests were being ushered in and in walks Frank and Charity DellaCamera! (had to add the last name…I’m sure Charity still glows when she hears it!) I almost ran to hug her and ask her about the honeymoon but luckily I remembered how quiet the whole sanctuary was and decided against that.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to see them! It hit me right then that, THAT is what I desire my business to look like.  That’s what it looks like to have a bride that is also a friend.  In that moment, I couldn’t have loved my job more.  I know I say that a lot but that’s because it’s true.  I truly love it and I love watching my business turn into exactly what I dreamed it could be.


I wanted to post some pics of all my brides who attended Oliver and Carley’s wedding! Emily and Tim were also there and it was such a surprise!  I made sure I found Em during the reception to say hello and tell her how stinkin’ excited I am for her wedding in August! It’s coming soon! She’s going to be gorgeous!

Aw Frank and Charity can you just get married again?! … I shouldn’t say that because I’m sure Charity would try!

Seriously, I luck out constantly.  My brides are beautiful!

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