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We’ve already experienced that everyone has opinions about all things baby and we totally expected that. Some people don’t think you should find out the gender, and some people want us to share name ideas, but that’s probably not going to happen. This entire experience is 100% new to us and so we’re just going with the flow and figuring things out along the way. However, I’ll take ALL the advice I can get when it comes to the baby registry!!!

I’ll be honest. Between the end of wedding season and moving in a couple of months…. the registry hasn’t really crossed my mind. I sat at my sister’s shower and saw all of this stuff she received and thought “I never even THOUGHT about needing that! Oh man…..” so I’m asking our sweet blog friends for some help! If you are a momma or have experience nannying and you know of something that you think is a must-have that we really shouldn’t forget on the registry, please share in the comments! We’re so thankful for any help and we’re definitely not afraid to ask for it! This is COMPLETELY different than the wedding registry process!!

Also, here are a few pictures from my sister’s shower that my future sister-in-law planned and it was the cutest!!!

Michael’s mom DREW this!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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