We Made It!

  • The Crazy is Pretty Much Over!

We got home last night after two weeks of craziness. We committed to a lot the first two weeks in November, and all of those commitments were made BEFORE we got pregnant. In our minds, we knew that if we could make it through October, and then the first two weeks of November, we would be ok. That was the goal! The light at the end of the tunnel! We love attending conferences and being with sweet friends. It’s one of our favorite things about this crazy life that we’ve been given. However, this conference season happened in the midst of one of our busiest seasons to date.

Between the house getting finalized, launching our two biggest courses, finishing wedding season, hiring a new employee and being almost 7 months pregnant, conference season seemed overwhelming for the first time in a long time. Thankfully, our nerves and our uneasiness subsided once I made it the through the flights with only slightly swollen ankles and we got to see our friends!! Both conferences were amazing, and we’re so thankful we had the chance to speak.

I think it hit me last night that our busy spell has ended, and the relief of that led to tears. Lots of tears. It’s like once I start crying I can’t stop! I blame the pregnancy hormones! The relief of knowing that I don’t have to get on one more plane until April makes me happy, and the relief of knowing that we truly have a BREAK coming up is what makes me emotional. We’ve been saying that we would take a break for years. MANY years. Now we have something really important to slow down for, and we’re welcoming that change of pace.

A lot of people have asked if I’m taking a maternity leave, and the answer is of course, YES!!! We’ll have a good 8-10 weeks after she arrives where I have no responsibilities, and I’m so thankful for the timing of that. December & January are just dedicated to MOVING, and waiting for baby Powers and baby Malizia to be born!! So as I sit here typing in my PJ’s, wrapped in a blanket, and with a fluffy puppy by my side, I’m so thankful. It may not seem like a very big accomplishment to some, but reaching a point of slowing down has never really happened before, and we’re proud of ourselves!!!!

A BIG thank you to Jill for taking our maternity pics! We can’t wait to share the rest with you all! She shot these while she was 8 months pregnant and we’re so thankful! And last but not least… poor Bokeh Boy’s 5th birthday was forgotten in the midst of our travels. Our first furry baby still brings so much joy to our life and we’re excited to have him HOME with us!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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