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skies were overcast…. and I was excited!! What does that mean? Well let me tell you! It means I could shoot anywhere I wanted for Nate and Catherine’s First Look! FREEDOM!!! Woohoo! I love overcast days so much! The colors are brighter, the light is awesome and it’s not as HOT! This day was starting perfectly and it continued to get better and better. I started with the girls in an adorable country cabin down the road from the venue. I knew most of these girls from CNU and so I had been looking forward to this time with them for a while! Catherine casually walked around the little cabin with her hair and makeup done, not stressed at all. She is the epitome of a simple, classy bride. Her style was so HER


and I loved that her gown wasn’t full of a pick-ups, lace and feathers… she didn’t need that. Catherine’s look was classic! Now I know what you’re thinking….. “Katelyn you’re like the QUEEN of feathers, you had a PEACOCK wedding”. Well first of all, I went a little crazy on the details at my wedding and secondly, every wedding has a different style. I love this. If ALL of my weddings had elaborate dresses and over-the-top details, no one would be interested in my work! It would all look the same! So I was thrilled at how well Catherine and Nate’s simple virginia winery wedding came together. It was so beautiful to photograph!


I think before this past year, I would probably be correct to say that I knew Nate better than Catherine.  There is a good reason for this. Michael and Nate lived together for what seemed like FOREVER! During college and post college, these two were roommates and so Nate has seen it all.  He heard our arguments over the phone, he saw us on our good days and he experienced the side of “Katelyn and Michael” that isn’t so pleasant. That just happens when you have a roommate! So I feel like I know Nate pretty well. He was a groomsmen in our wedding and has been such a steady, solid friend to Michael for so many years. Then I met Catherine. Catherine was a year behind me at CNU but in college, that age difference doesn’t really matter anymore. I thought she was such a beautiful and mature girl since the day I met her. When Nate and Catherine started dating I remember telling Michael “Wow… they’re a cute couple!!!!!”. Little did I know that I would be photographing their wedding a few years down the road!!!!


Nate and Catherine’s wedding day was wonderful. They were married by the lake and that made for a beautiful backdrop (you’ll see what I mean later on!).  A few things I LOVED about this wedding was 1. I saw a ton of CNU friends that I adore and some of them never fail to make faces at me during the ceremony while I’m shooting! 2. The weather was PERFECT and the location made my job so easy! and 3. My handsome husband was a groomsmen. I’ve never shot a wedding with Michael as the groomsmen but I’m thrilled that I get to do it twice this summer!!! So enjoy this post and know that as beautiful as these pictures may be, the best part about this wedding was that the Lord was given all the glory. Nate and Catherine I cannot WAIT to watch you two grow together in your new marriage. Michael and I are SO thrilled for you!!!!!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Catherine’s dress was HANDMADE by Stephanie O’Brien and it fit her like a glove!!!

And of course I have to give a shout out to my sweet friend Holly Chapple! You NEED to check out her new blog…. gorgeous!!

The light in this room made me SO happy!


First Look!

Catherine you look so good girl!!!!

FAVORITE! One of them at least:)


Michael took this one on the right…. loved it:)

That one on the left…. MONEY SHOT. Catherine you are so easy to photograph! Seriously. Nate your picture is coming a little further down, you just wait!


Nate…. love the model look!


Nate!! You’re looking good! And so is that one behind you on the left:)

Time to get married!!!!


A few portraits after family portraits! They even showed up to the reception EARLY after taking these!


I don’t normally share dancing shots but I thought these were fun!

LOVED this one.

Pies instead of a cake! Love it.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Simpson!!

Florals | Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Dress | Handmade by Stephanie O’Brien

Venue | Tarara Winery

DJ | Digital Sound Services

Cake | PIES instead! Mom’s Apple Pie Company

Catering | Barn Door BBQ Catering Co.

Favors | Tarara Wine Glasses

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