• Meet Caitlyn

number one why I love this girl is because she’s got a pretty awesome name. Caitlyn is a senior in our youth group at Gayton and whenever Michael and I talk about her… we tend to describe her as “legit”.  Let me explain what I mean by that. Caitlyn is the REAL DEAL.  She’s awesome and honest and she knows who she is.  She’s a hard worker, she’s compassionate and she’s honest. I adore her. We both do. Michael and I really don’t care for this whole “senior” thing too much.  We’re going to miss these kids!! Let’s not talk about that part.  Lets talk about Caitlyn’s session last week.  It poured all afternoon but we decided to take a chance

and continue with the session. It was beautiful and I’m so glad we were able to make it happen because this girl has a pretty busy schedule…as do I. So trying to schedule an afternoon that we were BOTH available was a little tough. Luckily the dark clouds rolled by and left us alone. We shot her session in a park and if you have followed the blog… you may have heard me say that I’m not a fan of “parks”… and this is true. HOWEVER! This park had 1. a field of wildflowers 2. old trains  and 3. brick walls.  It didn’t look like a park, it looked like we shot in a ton of different locations… which I love! So I take back my “parks are boring” quote and I’ll admit that come parks actually have some character and are more than just benches and gazebos!:) Caitlyn is super athletic and spends a ton of time at RF&P Park so it was only appropriate that we shoot her senior pics there! Enjoy my favorites and have fun getting to know yet another one of our awesome kids!!!!

Oh have I mentioned that Caitlyn laughs… a lot!  Love that about her:)

You’re beautiful!!!

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