• Meet Maggie

thinking “Oh my gosh! What has Katelyn done now?!”.  Well, before you jump to conclusions, this was ALL Maggie’s idea!!! Maggie is a senior in our youth group and she’s super artsy and so talented. So for youth sunday, she needed a senior picture to use for the slideshow and I told her to come by the house.  500 pictures later….. she had her one picture she needed! I warned her, I can’t just take 1 picture! That’s literally impossible for me. We spent a few minutes taking pictures around the house and then we went for it. Maggie wanted to show her artsy side and be totally abstract with her pictures.



So she smeared a colorful handful of paint across her face. I video taped it on my phone just because we were so nervous! It had to be perfectly imperfect! Artsy people know what I’m talking about! Everyone else thinks I’m just speaking in gibberish:)  So Maggie’s quick mini session was super creative and so fun to shoot. I really hope my neighbors didn’t see me walking along the outside of the house with a teenage girl that looked like a tribal woman!! So enjoy these few shots and Maggie, you know I adore you!! So sad to see you leave for college! Thank goodness it’s close!!! Love you girl!


SO maggie!

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