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so many different landscapes in Virginia. We’ve got it ALL. Mountains, rivers, plains, swamps!, oceanfront, cities, valleys, etc.  Every time I’m in the mountains I think “Oh, I”m definitely a mountain kind of girl”. I would take the mountains over the beach any day. However, then I sessions like these that make me re-think my mountain decision. I love the water. There is just something so calm and peaceful about the water and going out on a boat… especially a sailboat! David and Melissa just recently welcomed a HUGE new toy into the family. Their new sailboat is gorgeous and they wanted some new portraits of the

two of them with their baby… and their OTHER two babies…. who just happen to be huge with tons of fur! I loved their dogs. They were BIG but we formed a special bond as I held both of them by their leashes and shot some portraits of just David and Melissa. After a few shots, I looked down and I was completely  entangled in LEASH. I could have bit the dust at any moment and it would have been hilarious! This Monday evening session at the marina in Quantico was so fun and relaxed. Melissa is a photographer here in Virginia and we’ve met several times. I was just blown away when she asked ME to do some portraits for them! It’s an HONOR to shoot for another photographer! So David and Melissa, I hope you enjoy my FAVORITES and I LOVE your little family!! Have fun using that new toy of yours!!

ha! love it!

Melissa you’re gorgeous!

Love the light!

David, the model face impresses me!!! Nice work!

We’re just walking down the pier guys, no need to worry!!!

Favorite for sure!!!

Family portrait!

Whew, hard day:)

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