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is not my favorite store in the world…. and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. I’m more of a Target girl! However, every now and then I get an idea and Walmart just happens to be the place where these ideas come to life! I wanted to make a Valentines display that was BUDGET FRIENDLY and somewhat easy to make. So I thought about decorating with TISSUE PAPER. Tissue paper is cheap and as I walked into Walmart, the “Valentine’s Day” section caught my eye. I ended up leaving with 8 packages of tissue paper and I spent a total of $7.00 on this project! obviously I used a few things from home that I already owned… but when it comes to

the decor, it’s all TISSUE!  Basically, I just folded the tissue back and forth so that it looked like an accordion! Then, I stapled the middle of the tissue and connected the sides, forming a circle. I made these decorative disks in all shapes and sizes and then just displayed them with a little double sided tape to keep them flat against the table! It’s a fun idea that is MUCH cheaper that buying a ton of flowers! Brides are using tissue paper for ALL SORTS of decor at their wedding these days! As long as there isn’t any chance of rain, I think it’s awesome to use colored tissue paper to add a “pop” of color on the wedding day!



Enjoy this Wedding Wednesday Valentine’s Inspiration and have a fabulous day!!! I’m off to start pre-blogging for WPPI!!

And because he was so patient and didn’t eat all of my tissue paper…Bokeh gets a spot on the blog today. I’m sure he’s thrilled!:)

xoxo, Katelyn
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