As much as a bride may try, the wedding day will always be a little hectic.  Sometimes we are rushed during portraits and other times we have have all the time in the world! But it was during those first few weddings that were a little rushed that I learned how important it is to be CONSTANTLY shooting.  Now I’m not encouraging photographers to shoot recklessly in hopes to just get one good shot.  I am simply saying that sometimes, if you are constantly looking for composition, you can get some awesome shots during your transitions.  When you are crunched for time and moving fast, be sure to take advantage of your transitions instead of just trying to get to the next location.  It’s hard! Believe me, I know! I remember shooting my first solo wedding (I second shot before doing a wedding on my own, don’t EVER do your first wedding alone! There is WAY too much to learn) and I was so overwhelmed.  Not only do you have to be constantly talking and reassuring your clients, you have to be adjusting your settings and WB for the changing light and you have to ALSO have to be thinking of exactly where you are going to shoot next! To top it off, you are normally fighting the clock too!

It’s A LOT to learn and I am STILL learning something new EVERY wedding I shoot.  I will never stop learning how to do this job better but I am getting more comfortable.  Now, instead of fumbling over my settings and frantically looking for locations, it’s a natural process and I can pay more attention to documenting the transitions! Use your transitions! If the bride and groom are walking to the reception, have them hold hands and shoot from behind.  If you are crossing the street, have them give you a quick smile as they cross.  You never know, sometimes transition shots can be some of your favorites!

Here are some of my favorite transitions!

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