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trying to think about what to write about these two… I couldn’t help but wonder who I’m closer to! Rachel is two years younger than me but as soon as she came to CNU, we became friends and started hanging out on a regular basis!  We literally talked and shared EVERYTHING.  From roommates, to our pasts, to our boyfriends/fiancés, to what our futures were going to look like…. we talked about it all. I love this girl. I love her heart, her sarcasm, her honesty and her boldness. She’s just an amazing girl. Then there’s Garrett. Welp, I don’t really know where to begin.  We were neighbors and served on the IV worship team together

for several years and we became great friends…. and there are some friends that are SUCH great friends that you feel perfectly comfortable YELLING at them quite often. Our friendship is weird. We respect each other so much that we make fun of one another…. Garrett never had a little sister to yell at growing up and so during those two years at CNU, we joked that I filled that role. It sounds like we hate each other but we don’t. Garrett is a great guy with an incredible passion for the Lord and Michael and I both consider him an amazing friend.


The crazy part about the story of Garrett and Rachel is that I was so close to both of them… and so when they started “talking”… I got to hear both sides.   Months before Garrett even knew Rachel, I remember him saying “KK, I just don’t know if there is a girl out there for me”.  Haha… welllllll, shows how much he knows! As soon as I met Rach, I thought about Garrett. Sure,  they were two years apart but this may just be the perfect match.  I try not to take credit for setting them up… because really, I didn’t…. but I like to think that I did! They are an INCREDIBLE pair. Really, I’m SO excited for them and I just know that the Lord is going to do amazing things through their marriage and new life together. I cannot WAIT for this wedding!!!!!! I’m going to cry through the whole thing!!! I spent several years praying for Rach and her future and it’s simply amazing to see the next step of her life unfold. Gah! And I get to capture it!!! woohooo!!!! Enjoy my MANY favorites!! Happy weekend!!!

Love this!

A favorite!!!!

Never done a “one eye” shot before… but Rach has the perfect eyes for it!! Love this!

Garrett! Who knew you had a model face!! I’m impressed!

I’m sure you’re thinking “aw! they seem like fun people”…. and you’re right:) We had a blast… even in the ghetto. It was a TAD on the sketchy side but we made it work!

The left photo? Yea I love that too:)


Rachel just stop. You are simply stunning.. I hope you love this as much as I do! I know Garrett will!!!:):)

Perfect. I love this!

Oh hey bling!


One of my best casual portraits I’ve probably ever taken:) Aren’t they beautiful?!!!!!

Typical Garrett Maroon:) Guitar in hand.


Love you guys!!!

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