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is BY far the greatest asset of my business…. and this couple is the perfect example why.  Because I’ve been blogging since 3 months after I STARTED this business… I have gained a few followers who have been with me for the long haul. There are some days when I get emails that read something like “I’ve been following your blog for 3 years and now it’s MY TURN! I’M ENGAGED!”…. these are my FAVORITE emails….EVER. Why? Because these are brides that GET me… they know my business, they know my style and they love it.  Kristy is one of those girls.  She’s been following the blog for a while and it just so happens that

she loves photography too! So this past fall, I drove up to see my sister at Virginia Tech and go to CRU with her and her roommates one last time since she’s about to graduate.   It just so happens that Austin had proposed to Kristy like 24 hours beforehand and so it was like kids in a candy shop when all the girls started to surround Kristy, gawking over her ring and smothering her with congratulations! It really was perfect timing. I got to give Kristy a big hug and tell her that I was available for her big day!! That was followed with a bunch of squeals and high fives (just kidding, there weren’t any high fives, we’re cool people).  Needless to say, Kristy was excited and so was I! There is nothing better than photographing a couple that loves to smile, loves the Lord and loves photography… better yet, MY photography!! I knew MONTHS ago that this engagement session was going to be amazing … and it WAS! Just wait until you see these colors!!:) Austin and Kristy are such a beautiful couple with big hearts and beautiful smiles. I feel so honored that I get to be a part of this exciting time in their life!!! July can’t come soon enough!!!  Enjoy some of my favorites!!!!

how cute are they?? Reaaaaal cute.

Oh hey awesome wall! Radford, I never knew you had it in ya!


ah!!!!! Beautiful!

Favorite!!! One of them:) I wonder why…

Ok, Katelyn had a not-so-great idea to blow white things all over the place! It made a mess!

Kristy WOW…. so stunning.

Ohh I luvvv this!!

Such a beautiful couple!!!!!

Gimme that hair!!!


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