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give the weatherman the benefit of the doubt. If he says it’s a 15% chance of rain, we don’t cancel sessions… that’s just not smart. There was a small chance of scattered showers on Friday evening and so we decided to go ahead with our engagement shoot with Michael and Kendall in Charlottesville! We arrived at our first location and as soon as they pulled up, the sprinkles started. I hate having to make the judgement calls in situations like this but it’s my job… so I made the executive decision to travel 20 minutes down the road to UVA’s campus

so that we could have some protection from the rain.  The issue is that on rainy days, the light slips away faster than it would with a sunset and our 20 minute drive stole some of our daylight from us. So once we arrived, we hopped out of the cars and rushed over to campus. This is when I get to brag about Michael and Kendall. It was RAINING, students were walking past us and staring, we were kind of in a race against the clock….. and they still KILLED it! They were amazing!! They’re an amazing couple to begin with but their modeling skills got an A+ in my book because if we’re being honest, the conditions were not favorable for an engagement session. However, they had the BEST attitudes, amazing nuzzling skills and beautiful smiles and because of that, they have gorgeous engagement pictures! We found arches, porches, and thick trees to save them from the rain and my Michael held an umbrella over top of me so that I could shoot in the rain!! “Teamwork makes the dream work!”…. That has been our slogan since he joined me full time two years ago and it couldn’t have been more true during this shoot! I’m so thankful that we work with couples like Michael and Kendall who are easy-going and so trusting. Their wedding day is going to be SO easy because how hard we worked at this engagement shoot! They are officially pros and I can’t wait for you to meet them! Enjoy some of my favorites!!


This was like the SECOND pose we tried… I don’t think they truly believed me at first when I don’t them that they were super photogenic! :) 


Their wedding is going to be so much fun!!

Thankful for UVA’s architecture!! Perfect rainy day plan B!

One of my favorites! Who says you can take pretty pictures in the rain?! 

I love their smiles!!

Ha! I don’t remember what was happening here but it made for a cute picture:)

One of my FAVORITES… hands down. Kendall you’re one beautiful girl! 

Love this one too!!

We had just enough light left for a few more!!

Photographers… these are lit by a street lamp… not even kidding! 

You two are the BEST!! I hope you love them! 


xoxo, Katelyn
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