• Ephesus, Turkey

It’s not the first country you necessarily think of when you think of Honeymoon destinations.  To be completely honest, I was more excited about GREECE and VENICE and the all inclusive restaurants on the CRUISE SHIP! I wasn’t excited about Turkey.  Sure, it’s fun to say that we’ve been there but I wasn’t expecting to be “wowed”.  Well, once again, my expectations were far exceeded! Turkey is GORGEOUS!! Oh my goodness! Think Mediterranean, warm, sunny, mountains, teal water and blue skies. WE LOVE TURKEY! We had an awesome tour guide that showed us around Ancient Ephesus and it blew our minds! The detail …

that is still in the stone of that city is amazing! ….. Like more amazing than Ancient GREECE! Yes, I said it. Michael and I were more impressed with Ephesus than any other stop on our cruise.  The coolest part about Ephesus is that it is STILL an active archeological dig. They are still uncovering this ancient city.  Only 25% of the city has been exposed.  It’s really incredible to walk through the main street of Ephesus and realize that Paul wrote the book of “Ephesians” to the people who lived there! Michael and I read Ephesians before we got off of the ship that day and it really made us realize how awesome this place really was! So enjoy some of the shots and if you’re ever near Turkey… you MUST stop by for a visit! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

There were a TON of cats running around EVERYWHERE! At least they’re cute… kinda. We’re not cat people.

Michael was practicing his lens flares:)

Those cylinders to the right are what they used for their sewer system! Gross, I know… but it is neat that they had that figured out 1,000’s of years ago!

We ended the day with a tour of a Turkish rug making tour.  It sounds incredibly boring but it wasn’t at all! Turkey is FAMOUS for their rugs and it was so neat to see how much goes into making these things!

Bye Turkey!!! (view from our balcony)

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