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Do you remember back in December when we surprised our parents with a TRIP TO HAWAII?! I think they would have rather heard that we were pregnant! haha But since that isn’t the case, Hawaii is probably the second best surprise!!! We are all SO excited about our trip and we can’t WAIT to share our favorite parts of Oahu with our parents! We traveled to Oahu two years ago and it was a trip of a life time! We just loved it!!! This time we’re spending a lot of time on Hawaii Island and we need your help!

For those of you who have been to Hawaii Island, can you help us out!? What were your favorite parts? What do we HAVE to see and where do we HAVE to eat?! I’m preparing myself for all of the “Oh my gosh, you need to go to MAUI!!!” We know. We keep hearing that over and over again and so we’ll put that on our bucket list! However, the Hilton Honor’s deal is on Hawaii Island and so that’s our destination this trip! haha

Here are some of our trip goals:
– Brenda James LOVES waterfalls so we have to find some of those!
– Relax on some beautiful beaches (for a short period of time since I’m a redhead and so is my daddy! We FRY out there!!)
– Take lots of pictures!
– Eat a ton of Pineapple!

If you have Hawaii experience, we’d LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you have never been but you know of someone who has been there, tag them on Facebook on our posts and see if they have some advice to share!! YAY! THANK YOU!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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