Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! We’ve been in business for almost 7 years and tomorrow will be the FIRST TIME that I’ll have professional branding! Sure, I have a design background and what I have had in the past hasn’t been BAD by any means. However, there’s just something so awesome about having someone BRAND you and I honestly can’t WAIT to show you what we’ve been up to! This past week has included a ton of early mornings and late nights. I’m getting a massage next week because my back hurts from looking at a laptop too much!

There were a few days when I didn’t leave the house or walk outside at ALL! How is that possible?! I’ll tell you how… REBRAND WEEK. It’s A LOT of work!! :) But it’s so worth it! Today we have coaching and we’ll spend our whole evening tweaking and finalizing everything for the launch tomorrow at 12pm EST!!! We’ll have a brand new, AMAZING website, a newly designed blog and a whole new look in general!!

The exciting news is that we’ll actually be sending out two waves of sneak peeks today!!!! One wave is via INSTAGRAM and I have some friends helping me with that one! And the second wave is through our NEWSLETTER!! Late tonight we’ll be sending our a preview to our Newsletter community so that everyone will receive it in the morning! If you want to make sure you get a copy in your inbox, you can SIGNUP HERE!!! Ps. I can’t say what it is….. but we’re doing a giveaway tomorrow… and lets just say this…. we’ve NEVER done anything like this before! Our newsletter friends will hear about it first!!!!

Ok, so today at 12pm the 24 hour count down begins! I’m nervous, excited and slightly freaking out!! I have so many people to thank and I can’t wait to show off their hard work tomorrow!! ahhhh!!!!



xoxo, Katelyn
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