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in.  I got up at ten and realized my voice was completely gone. I’m guessing that was from the allergies I’ve been fighting all week, shooting a wedding on Saturday and then the combination of yelling over 60 teenagers at youth group last night. Our weekends are long… really long. On Saturday and Sunday when the rest of the world is relaxing and gearing up for a new week…. Michael and I are working. So today, as Michael got ready to head off to the office and I laid in bed, 1/2 dead… he told me to take the day off.  Even though I was only about 15% coherent at that time, I heard what he said and I decided it was a great idea.

Some days you just need to walk away from the editing and album designing and email responding. I laid in bed, stalked people on Facebook (I mean doesn’t everyone do that on their day off?….Maybe I’m just a creeper), had some time with the Lord and then cleaned my closet.  Cleaning my closet never felt so refreshing. I still had turtlenecks and an abundance of sweaters piled high in my closet and NEWS FLASH TO KATELYN… it’s MAY!!! I should probably start pulling out the summer clothes. So now I am happy to say that my closet is up to date and looking gooooood. My morning off has been super enjoyable and I’m about to drink a DMD and write some Thank you notes.  (Can you believe that?! Yes, it’s true).  So for those of you who work your butts off all weekend…. take a Monday off and clean your closet… it’s a great way to start the week!


Ps. I recently updated my HOMEPAGE with my new Promo Video! Let me know what you think!!


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