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a long time coming. I’m not a shoe girl, or a purse girl, I’m a JEWELRY girl! I love it! I buy unnecessary amounts of it and the majority of my jewelry box is TEAL. Imagine that.  So after Michael proposed and we started planning, I  immediately wanted to find my earrings for the wedding! I mean, I bought my dress 4 days after I was engaged… why wait for the jewelry right!? (I was a little excited!)  I searched everywhere. I had a picture of what I wanted in my head… but I just couldn’t find it. I checked every where… even online. So I decided to be patient and just wait for the right ones to comes along.  Sure enough, less than…

…2 months before the wedding I decided to search one last time and wa-la! There they were!  They were perfect! …. Big, chandalier, vintage silver, a little bling and some pearls. I love them and today when they came in the mail I thought to myself, these deserve a little Weddng Wednesday post! So for all of you bride out there planning and searching for your perfect jewelry, just hold on, you’ll find it!!! It seems dramatic to be so concerned over earrings but really, you can’t just pick a pair out of the jewelry box and put them on, this is my wedding and earrings are my THING! So needless to say, I am relieved that this day has come! Take a good look at these babies because the next time you see them… they’ll be on Jstars blog! No big deal:)

Ps. Speaking of Jasmine, if you’re a photographer and would like to be distracted for the next couple of days, be sure to log in and watch Creative Live!

Brides be sure to check on for the little things! I just randomly found this designer from Scotland!

xoxo, Katelyn
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